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"Plans for the Vrilpanzer II and other nonsense!" Topic

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Porkmann26 Jul 2011 2:18 a.m. PST


A few ramblings at my neglected blog.

Hopefully I will soon have the time to attend to this again. Sadly real-life has taken it's toll of late.

Legion 426 Jul 2011 2:58 p.m. PST

What next ? The "Bell" ? iron cross

Porkmann27 Jul 2011 12:02 a.m. PST


An R&B device methinks.

YouTube link


abdul666lw27 Jul 2011 4:07 a.m. PST

Exciting 'quasi realistic', History-based approach of WWWII! thumbs up
'Raiders of the Lost Ark' maybe based on the (historical) search for the Graal and the Templar's heritage, re Otto Rahn's works on Rennes-le-Chateau and the SS expedition Himmler sent there.
Another favorite 'Artifact of Power' of mine (that could be thrown in) is the Witchbladeonly women can bear.


Of course, Agartha is connected in more than one way to Ultima Thule TMP link

Now, the Hollow Earth and its inhabitants link were already there during the 18th C. (hint, hint… TMP link )
Of course they'd carefully control the technological level of allowed 'leaks' -at most making Da Vinci's designs workable?
Then, electricity (re Mesmer) was the great 'futuristic' novelty: electro-guns, Leyden jars thrown like The Holy Hand-Grenade of Antioch, Leyden bullets link -re the Barsoomian 'radium bullets'…?
TMP link
TMP link
TMP link
TMP link

abdul666lw27 Jul 2011 6:40 a.m. PST

According to Verne link and Burroughs a 'Lost Continent' is to be found in the Hollow Earth . There may be interesting Natives there YouTube link Shadowforge

, Maidenhead link ; Cavalcade Amatzls link do have an interesting 'Mesoamerican' look, but the range is limited for the time being; most of Tekumel minis have the same 'feel' link . For more 'advanced' types, what about 'emphatically NOT Barsoomian' minis link , … Parroom provides corresponding artillery pieces link and (soon?) a flying craft link .

And… maybe R'lyeh is actually located in some underground inner sea?


Now, as a complement or (specially for the 18th C., when philosophers were suspected of being libertines!) an alternative to "Vril", what about Orgone energy ? Then, how to produce and collect this energy evil grin to e.g. propel a dirigible YouTube link ? Probably better, like the 'oarers' powering the airscrews of the beautiful Cloudships of Mars link , to keep such source of power hidden under desk?

Legion 427 Jul 2011 8:13 a.m. PST

Yep … that's "The Bell" … iron cross Pure Sci-fi IMO as is The Vril … but that being said those kind of things make absolutely great gaming fodder !! evil grin

abdul666lw29 Jul 2011 6:15 a.m. PST

Related thread (Earth Core): TMP link

abdul666lw29 Jul 2011 8:41 a.m. PST

Your WWWII mad scientist / evil genius needs a decent bodyguard:
TMP link
TMP link

Pole Bitwy PL29 Jul 2011 12:56 p.m. PST

Cool blog. Keep on posting further 'revelations' please :D

abdul666lw30 Jul 2011 3:24 a.m. PST

'Dispersion' between several projects is often the bane of wargamers: to have several irons in the fire may lead to dissatisfaction, disappointment, disaffection and discouragement since none of the projects seems to progress fast enough, and / or one treads water while the other advances. Thus when having two projects it is generally gratifying to *link* them somehow: any progress in one benefits to both, both implicitly keep making progress.
For instance, if tempted by wargaming in another era after having developed an Imagi-Nation in a given period, it's more cheering to carry your 'brainchild' to the new setting: history, geography… are common, the overall background and 'personality' of your country get more 'rich'. Better imho than building the same army at two scales, one for adventures / skirmishes the other for large battles: when it comes to 'characters' one will never find *exactly* the same mini in two scales.
In the same way, if playing 'tricornes' (OK, I'm biased…) and tempted by (Victorian) Colonial wargaming, paint the 'Natives' first, and you'll can try your hand at the Colonial genre by sending a small 18th C. expedition link to the 'exotic' oversea theatre of operations . 'Natives' minis are generally 'period-generic' enough, and wargaming figurines are not intended to be scrutinized individually, but to be seen 'en masse' from a distance: any 'too modern' firearm for instance will pass unnoticed. Your 'Victoria's Boys in Red' will be painted at leisure in the meantime.
Similarly if already the happy and proud owner of 18th C. figurines and tempted by some 'weirdness' link -zombies link link Chaos in Carpathia, Stange Aeons link Call of Cthulhu or even Malifaux…- rather than waiting to have the 'canonical period' human characters painted, start with the 'monsters' and play your first games with figurines in tricornes. Lovecraft's Elder Gods and their minions, for instance, were here long before the 1920, people believed in vampires and werewolves long before the 'Victorian Gothic' or 'Pulp' times….
Even a first try with VSF / Steampunk can be done with 18th C. minis, if you already have some link

Totally unsolicited ruminations, I reckon, but -perhaps a scar from the "70 and the rarity of potential wargamers in France then- I'm convinced that division / dispersion disheartens & weakens, while union / unity gives strength and enthusiasm.


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