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Here lies Frequently Asked Questions (and some answers) regarding this website.

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About the Forums

What do you mean by forums?
At TMP, the "forums" are any areas where people can post messages - including the Message Boards, Market Boards, Comment Boards, etc.
How many are there?
At least ten: the Message Boards (for wargaming discussions only), the Rules Forum (for discussing products in the Rules Directory), TMP Plus (for non-wargaming topics), Marketplace (where Supporting Members may sell things), Exchange (for trading), Workbenchers (private forum for those working on TMP Workbench projects), The Lounge (for Supporting Members only), and the various Talk boards connected with Hobby News, Workbench, Showcase, Polls, etc.
Who can post?
You have to be a Basic Member with a verified email address in order to post. Some forums have their own restrictions (for instance, only Supporting Members can start new topics on the Marketplace, but anyone can ask a follow-up question.)
What does it mean when I see a blue link that just says "link" or "picture"?
That means the URL of the link is too long to display in the text. However, if you put your cursor over the link, you will get a tool tip telling you the destination.
This link goes to a Yahoo! group
What are the little pictures all about?
Those are called emoticons. grin baloney pizza If you want to know what the picture means, put your cursor over it - you will get a tool tip with the name.
This is the Money emoticon
Why is there a dog next to that person's name?
That means he's in the Dawghouse (he's temporarily lost his posting privileges - see below...).
Can you tell who is in the Dawghouse?

How to Post

How do I add a post to an existing topic?
Scroll to the bottom of the page. (If this is a multi-page topic, go to the last page and scroll to the bottom.) You should see a form for posting your own message. If not, then you may not be logged in.
Post a new message at the end of the current topic
How do I start a new topic?
On any Topics page, you should see a button in the lefthand column that says "Start New Topic" (or something like that). You may need to scroll down to see it. If you don't see it, you may not be logged in.
The Start New Topic button is shown here, marked in red
I want to start a topic on the Market Board, but I don't see the button
Are you a Basic member? Basic members cannot start new topics on the Market board.
But how do I do the advanced formatting stuff, like emoticons or hot links?
Learn more here...

Deleting Content

How do I remove my post?
After you post a message, a Delete button will appear. Pressing the button will remove your message. This button only appears for one hour after you have posted your message.
It's been more than an hour.
Use the Complaint Button to ask the Editors to remove your post. They may or may not agree, depending on how far the discussion has progressed since your comment, and how integral your comment has become to the discussion.
How do I remove my topic?
Contact the Editors via the Complaint Button.

Rules of Conduct

What are the rules for posting?
Act like an adult, and remember that your audience includes people of all ages (including children) and from diverse cultures.
Can you be more specific?
Don't swear. [PROFANITY RULE]
Which swear words don't you like?
Most of them. Darn, damn and hell are OK.
What if I spell it funny?
What if I use asterisks, like A** H***?
What if I use abbreviations, like "MF" or "F YOU"?
Still no.
I swore, but now my post says Bleeped text!
This means the server caught your error, and substituted the "bleep" emoticon.
Can I get in trouble for saying Bleeped text?
No. The autobleeper has saved you from getting in trouble.
Somebody just posted something stupid. Can I call them an idiot?
No name calling. You can disagree with their argument, but you can't "attack" another TMP member on the forum personally. [NAME CALLING RULE, PERSONAL ATTACK RULE]
What if you Dawghouse me for an attack, but the victim says it was OK?
If the victim asks us to, we might let you out.
How about calling them a troll?
No name calling. Even if you think they are trolling. [TROLL RULE]
Can I suggest they are trying to stir up trouble, without actually calling them a "troll"?
No. If you think they are trolling, use the complaint button and let the Editors take care of it.
Can I call them a funny name?
OK, if you must, you can use most Haddockisms. (These are what you say instead of insulting someone.) You Dictatorial duck-billed diplodocus!
Can I make fun of their membername?
No. (It inevitably leads to a fight.)
Then I will just say snarky things about them.
Please behave like an adult. It makes the forum unpleasant when you indulge in mocking irreverence and sarcasm. [SNARK RULE]
People are posting about something stupid. Can I tell them to shut up?
No. They have the right to talk, and you have the right to read (or not read) their posts. [SHUT-UP RULE]
But they are annoying me. Can I tell them to leave?
No. Don't even suggest it...
Can I talk about my bodily functions?
Nobody wants to hear about your bodily functions.
What if I see an objectionable post?
Let me know about it, and I'll take care of it.
But he said something really offensive about me, and I want to flame him.
Let me know about it, and I'll take care of it.
Can I discuss politics here?
Recent politics are not allowed. [POLITICS RULE] Discussion of political events more than ten years in the past is allowed.
Can I question whether the Holocaust occurred?
Holocaust denialism is prohibited on these forums. The moderators will exercise judgment to determine what constitutes denialism, to avoid people trying to "walk the line" by expressing "doubt" rather than direct denial.
I heard that the owner of such-and-such company belongs to a certain political party or movement. Can I bring that up for discussion on TMP?
No. This is not the place to discuss any wargamer's political beliefs or affiliations.
Well then, can I post a link to my political blog at the end of my posts?
Still no...
Can I discuss religion here?
On the main wargaming forums, religion cannot be discussed. More specifically, the main forums are not the place to proselyte for any religion or to denigrate any religion. Exceptions are made for brief mentions for identification purposes or when history is relevant to an historical discussion. Religion may be discussed freely on The Blue Fez.
My new topic is very important, so I want to crosspost it to General Discussion so everyone can see it.
That way lies madness. Only post to General Discussion if your topic doesn't belong anywhere else, and almost never crosspost to General Discussion.
Can I threaten someone with violence?
Only if you're joking. (The Editors will be the final judge of whether it looked like a joke or not.)
Can I propose nuking a country I don't like?
Advocating war crimes is not funny. [WAR CRIMES rule]
Wouldn't it be great it we all email-bombed some company/group/person we don't like?
No. Suggesting an attack on someone's email account or website is not allowed here.
Can I insult some group I don't like?
No. Your gaming group might enjoy your jokes about (fill in the race, ethnic group, nationality, political party, or faction here), but this is an international forum. You should not attack any group that applies to our members. You should also not attack the TMP community itself. [GROUP ATTACK RULE]
Someone is acting like a bigot!
Please hit the Complaint Button. Anyone who treats people with hatred and intolerance solely on the basis of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender or gender preference, is breaking forum rules. [BIGOTRY RULE]
Can I tease someone about being gay?
No. (Even if they are.)
But it's my buddy, and he knows I'm only joking.
Sorry, the answer is still no.
Can I call him a perv?
Not here.
Can I tell someone to bugger off?
Please, no.
OK, can I tell someone to sod off?
Can I call someone one of those silly slang names they use in other countries?
A term that may sound "silly" to you, could be quite offensive to someone in the country or culture from which the term originates. So, don't go there unless you're certain the term is OK in general conversation.
Can I use street slang or street talk?
When it isn't vulgar, yes. However, you run the risk that others - especially people from other cultures - may not understand you.
Can I call someone an arseclown?
Yes - nobody will take that seriously...
But I think someone is being pushy. Can I call them a Nazi?
No, it only makes you look silly. Similarly, don't irresponsibly throw around terms like commies, pinko's, and fascists. (Maggie Thatcher wasn't a Nazi, so don't call her one...) [NAZI RULE]
If I disagree with someone, can I say they are anti-American?
Generally speaking, no. Osama bin Laden would be an exception. And telling other Americans that they are unAmerican because they disagree with you on politics is usually just silly. [UNAMERICAN RULE]
If I don't like something, can I say that it's "gay"?
No, because you're implying that "gay" is "bad," and this is a forum where everyone is welcome.
If I don't like someone, can I call them "spastic"?
No, because you're implicitly ridiculing the handicapped, and this is a forum where everyone is welcome.
What if someone is being a bully?
Hit the Complaint button, and the editors will deal with it. All members of this forum should deal respectfully with one another. [BULLYING RULE]
Someone said X and I think they mean Y, can you stop them!
Our policy is to punish people when they break forum rules. Perhaps you think they mean Y when they said X, but as forum moderators, we usually give people the benefit of the doubt.
But they said Y, that means they are Z!
No, it usually doesn't. You can complain to the moderators, and we will make a ruling.
I heard that the moderators support fascism/racism/vile things!
Of course not. Some people just like to whine if the moderators didn't agree with their complaint(s).
Can I start a flame war?
Depends on your purpose. A flame war is defined as an "acrimonious debate," and we have plenty of debates here. Starting a topic on a controversial issue is fine, as long as the topic is in good taste and in the appropriate forum. However, deliberately trying to "stir up" acrimony by provocative or offensive posts is trolling and is not permitted. (The Editors are the final judge on what is or is not flamebait.)
What I'm talking about is very important/interesting. Can I start multiple topics on the same subject?
Yes, if each new topic is discussing a new facet of the previous discussion, and if you aren't deliberately trying to flood the board(s).
My topic is getting buried!
It's the natural function of the forums for active topics to float to the top of the board, while inactive topics drift toward the bottom. I can't force people to discuss your topic, or to stop discussing other topics they prefer.
I'm going to post to my topic, so it doesn't get buried!
Posting solely to keep your topic "on top" - which is known as bumping - is not allowed.
I'm going to post to a dozen old topics just to promote my latest project/idea/thing.
That's not allowed. Just start one new topic, mention your latest project, and that will suffice.
You deleted my topic. Can I start a new topic complaining about why you deleted my topic?
Yes, but it's usually a bad idea. If you have a good argument, I'll leave your topic up. But if you're just whining about the rules, I'll probably nuke that topic, too. If you have a complaint about forum moderation, it would be best to contact me directly rather than to complain publicly.
When we talk about (fill in subject here), this person annoys us by disagreeing with us or making fun of (fill in subject here). Would you DH him?
Both of you have the right to express your opinions. As long as this fellow isn't being deliberately provocative or harassing, you'll just have to ignore him.
What constitutes harassment?
Any member of TMP has the privilege of expressing his opinion. Harassment is when a person goes beyond mere expression of opinion, and begins to wage a "war" on someone or some thing through forum postings.
For example, it's OK to post that you don't like a particular company because they have poor customer service, or you don't like their products. But it's harassment if you follow them from topic to topic, whining about them.
Likewise, you don't have to like everyone who posts on TMP. But it becomes harassment if you follow someone you dislike from topic to topic, deliberately annoying them and disagreeing with them on everything.
It may also be harassment to post comments contrary to the purpose of a particular board. For example, while it is OK to criticize a ruleset, it would be harassment to go on the 40K board to tell people they should not play 40K.
What is "Sock Puppeting"?
Sock puppeting is the use of one or more anonymous accounts in a manner designed to deceive others. For instance:
  • Posting a message on the forums, then using other member accounts to "agree" with yourself so that you seem to be winning the argument;
  • Posting messages from multiple accounts to give the impression that a "crowd" is interested in your favorite period/rules/subject;
Sock puppeting is not allowed at TMP.
What about manufacturers and sock puppets?
People who work in the hobby business are sometimes tempted to sock puppet in order to boost their business or damage their competitors. For example:
  • Using an anonymous account to discredit a company or its products, without revealing your affiliation with a competitor.
  • Using an anonymous account to praise your own company's products or service.
  • Using an anonymous account to attack others who criticize your company's products or service.
Behavior such as this is not tolerated here.
So, is it a bad idea to have multiple TMP accounts?
No, not at all. For instance, a manufacturer might want to have one "official" membership account for representing his company here at TMP, and a separate "anonymous" account so that he can post on the forums about politics or movies without involving his company. Having multiple accounts is only bad if you use them to deceive people (see above).
I work in the hobby - how can I avoid any impression of sock puppeting?
If you are posting about your products or your competitors and their products, clearly identify who you are. Many people find it convenient to have an "official" membership which they use to represent their company, with the name of the company mentioned in the account name - such as "Big Empire Games" or "Emma of Big Empire Games."
I want to post a link to a funny video, but it's not safe for work.
Then you must include a warning, so that people don't click on it without knowing what they're getting into.
I want to post a link to something on another gaming website.
Posting links to the websites of publishers, manufacturers, or individual gamers is generally fine. We draw the line at links to websites which offer services that are competitive to ours (i.e., other hobby news websites).
I think the forums rules are incomplete. How do I add a new rule?
To propose a new forum rule, make your suggestion on the TMP Poll Suggestions board. It will eventually be voted on by the website community.

Adding or Removing Boards

There isn't a board for my favorite subject. How does a new board get added to the forums?
New boards are proposed on the TMP Poll Suggestions board. When the suggestion reaches the bottom of the topics list, it will be posted as a poll. A new board will be created if there is sufficient support (at least 50 votes to support). TMP staff may occasionally add new boards also.
I think the such-and-such board is a waste of space. How do we get rid of it?
The Editors will consider deletion requests on a case-by-case basis. As a rule of thumb, if a board receives fewer than ten new topics per month, it is eligible for elimination.

Criticising TMP

Do you tolerate criticism?
Yes, but please do so in a respectful and polite manner.
What if I make a habit of criticizing this website?
Then we may talk to you about it. Constant negativity is not appropriate, as it ruins the experience for everyone else.
And if I keep doing it?
Then we may ask you to leave. Sorry.
If I am upset with TMP, can I suggest companies should not advertise here?
Of course not.
Can I encourage people not to purchase Supporting Memberships if I am upset at TMP?
Absolutely not.

The Wargaming Forum

What is the purpose of TMP's main forum?
TMP's original forum - and now, the main forum among many - is dedicated to discussions about wargaming.
What if I want to discuss something off topic, such as my favorite computer game?
Topics which do not pertain to wargaming belong on our "off topic" forum, TMP Plus.
I want to sell part of my miniatures collection. Can I do that on the main forum?
No, offers to buy and sell belong on the TMP Marketplace.
I am bringing some figures to sell at a flea market/bring & buy. Can I list them on the main forum?
No, that would belong on the TMP Marketplace.
I have some surplus figures I want to trade. Can I do that on the main forum?
No, offers to trade belong on the TMP Exchange.
Can I announce my new wargaming product on the forum?
No – please see the News of the Hobby FAQ section.
I'm a fan. Can I promote a new release from my favorite hobby company?
Please don't. If we allow that, it incentivizes non-advertisers to get their fans to post on our forum and get unpaid advertising. Of course, you can still post a review or a game report.
I'm a pro-painter/painting service. Can I promote my business by posting pictures of my work?
Only if you are an advertiser here.
Can I post about a new or upcoming release from a non-hobby company, such as a new movie that is coming out?
Yes, if that type of company does not advertise here. For example, several publishers of historical books advertise here, so please do not give free publicity to new history books.
Can I discuss politics or religion on the main forum?
Discussion of religion - except for cases where religion directly involves wargaming, such as discussion of religious military orders - is prohibited at TMP. Similarly, discussion of politics pertaining to current affairs (within the past ten years) is not allowed, except as it pertains to modern wargaming. We have a sister website - The Blue Fez - where wargamers can congregate to discuss topics too controversial for the TMP forums. Contact Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian if you would like to be invited to The Blue Fez.
Where can I post complaints about consumer problems with retailers or manufacturers?
On the Consumer Affairs board of the main forum.
My complaint involves WWII figures, and the manufacturer is in France. Can I crosspost to the WWII and French Wargaming boards?
I would prefer to keep compaints exclusively to the Consumer Affairs board, rather than let them spread into the other boards.
How long do complaints stay on the Consumer Affairs Board?
As an incentive for companies to resolve consumer problems, we will remove complaint topics when the complaint has been resolved.
I want to discuss the space program. Can I do that on the sci-fi boards?
No, that belongs on TMP Plus.
Are there any special rules on the Ultramodern Board?
The Ultramodern Board includes discussion of contemporary military events. Politics should be avoided. Advocating for particular sides or factions is not allowed. [NO CHEERLEADING RULE]

TMP Plus

Are there any special rules on the Obituary Board?
Posts to the Obituary Board should generally obey the custom of showing respect to the dead. If you can't show respect, then you should adjourn to a more appropriate board.

TMP Exchange

What is the purpose of the Exchange forum?
This forum is to allow TMP members to trade with each other.
Can I sell things on this forum, or advertise that I want to buy something?
No, that is what the Marketplace is for.

TMP Marketplace

Who can post to the Marketplace?
Only Supporting Members can start new topics on this forum. Anyone can post a message to an existing topic, though.
Since I'm not a Supporting Member, can I post my sales item in someone else's topic?
I'm a manufacturer. Can I post items for sale in the Marketplace?
The Marketplace is not for the advertising of ordinary commercial products. However, you could post about items you are selling from your personal collection, or if you were selling a few odds and ends from your stockroom.
I'm a painting service. Can I post painted figures for sale in the Marketplace?


What is recasting?
Recasting is the process of making copies of an existing miniature. Depending on your local laws, this may be illegal unless you have permission of the copyright holder. And even if it's legal, that doesn't make it right.
Can I discuss recasting here?
Can I sell recasts here?
But such-and-such company's miniatures cost too much!
That's no excuse.
I think all rules should be free. Can I use these forums to promote illegal copies of someone else's rulebooks or supplements?
No. When you write your own rules, then you can give them away for free...
I know where you can get pirate CD's of...
Don't even go there. TMP is a "no piracy" zone.

Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

What are IP rights?
As it applies to our hobby, Intellectual Property (IP) usually refers to the ownership of an idea or design - such as the Star Wars universe, or the specific style of Games Workshop's Eldar.
Is it OK to violate someone's IP?
No. Generally speaking, a manufacturer needs a license to make figures or models based on someone else's creation, such as a movie or book.
I read on TMP that such-and-such company is making figures that look to me like knock-off's of someone's IP. Should I report that to you?
While it is clear that violating IP rights is not allowed, it is not always clear what constitutes a violation of IP rights. A figure or model that "is inspired by" or "in the style of" a particular fictional creation may not legally constitute a violation. Since TMP is not a court of law, no judgment is made here regarding IP violations - those matters should be decided in court.


What's the button on each message, with the exclamation point?
That's the complaint button. Click on it, and you'll be taken to a form where you can file a complaint about that specific post.
The Complaint button (circled in red)
Then what?
Then I'll look at your complaint, and decide whether to do anything about it.
Will you write me back?
Usually, unless things are really busy at that moment. Of course, if you haven't listed an email address in your Membership Settings, I won't know how to reach you...
What if I disagree with your ruling?
I don't claim to be a perfect moderator. One person's controversial but interesting post is another person's flamebait. A remark that seems minor to me may be a insult to you. If you think I've made the wrong judgment call, discuss it with me on the forums or by email. I might change my mind.

The Dawghouse

What if I break the rules?
Your post may be modified - with Bleeped texts substituted for vulgar language, and Deleted by Moderators placed to denote removed text - or may be deleted entirely. You might end up in the Dawghouse In the TMP Dawghouse (which means you lose your posting privileges for a few days - kind of like a cooling-off period). Your access to particular boards might be restricted. Your account might be temporarily locked until you resolve the situation with a staff editor. Or there's banning and blocking for repeat or egregious offenders.

The Dawghouse

Isn't that censorship?
Yes. I explicitly reserve the right to edit any message posted in any TMP forum.
But you are violating my right to free speech!
This is a private forum, not a public forum. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. However, TMP members who abide by these guidelines are welcome to post.
But now I can't participate in the argument!
That's the whole idea. Remember what I just said about "posting here is a privilege, not a right"?
How long is a typical Dawghouse sentence?
Three days. Five days on Fridays, four days on Saturdays.
Can't I just avoid the Dawghouse by starting a new account?
That would be unethical - and results in a doubling of Dawghouse time, when I catch you...
"Dawghouse" is a stupid name for a penalty box
People here seem to rather like the name…
I feel shamed and humiliated to be in the Dawghouse
Don't take it so seriously, dude...
My enemy got put in the Dawghouse. Can I gloat?
Taunting a TMP member who is unable to reply is punishable by a Dawghouse sentence as long as the original sentence, or five days (in the cause of temporarily locked accounts).
I'm a Supporting Member - do I get some kind of refund while I'm in the Dawghouse, since I can't post any more?
No. The privilege of using the forums is part of the Basic Membership. Even if you have your posting privileges temporarily removed, you can still enjoy all of the perks of Supporting Membership.


I want to quote from a book/magazine article/website. Is there a limit to how much I can quote?
Yes. In order to respect possible copyright issues, please quote no more than three paragraphs. [COPYRIGHT RULE]
I really like such-and-such discussion. Can I copy it to my own website?
No, that would be a violation of copyright. Note that there's a copyright notice on each forum page.
The copyright notice gives TMP the ability to prevent copying of discussions. Just because someone posted a message at TMP, doesn't mean they want it repeated all over the internet.
But I wrote something profound, and I want to have it at my own website.
If it's your own post you want to copy, ask and we'll automatically give you permission to do so.
I read something cool in the Lounge - can I mention it in the other forums?
No. The Lounge is like Las Vegas - what gets said in the Lounge, should stay in the Lounge... grin
I guess the same goes for the Sponsors forum?
Someone sent me an outrageous email - can I quote it on the forums?
No. (If you think an exception should be made, ask the Editors.)
Someone sent me an outrageous PM - can I quote it on the forums?
No (see above).
I want to print out a forum discussion, including the Profile pages of those participating, and show them to my friends so they can laugh at the kind of people who hang out at TMP.
That would violate the TMP community. Don't do it.
I found an entire book available online. Can I share the link?
Use your common sense. Some books are available free online with permission of the publisher or author, but others are pirated copies posted without authorization. If you post a link to pirated material, you will be Dawghoused.