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Rust Devils: Three More Vehicles

Rhino Tank
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Leopard 2000 MBT
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Scorpion 2000 Light Tank
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unknown member writes:

Nice work there Bill ! Now that is seems you are a 6mm Sci-fi fan, as am I … I may have to change scales ! huh? wink evil grin

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8 June 2016page first published

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unknown member writes:

I'm getting a pair of forces ready for a little sci-fi campaign in 6mm. Some background:

The Kriegsmir Kollectiv (formerly known as Moore's Planet) was colonized as a socialist utopia, equipped to produce sensor technology for the outer worlds. Instead, over the centuries the community has faltered, their technology has fallen behind, and the nearly bankrupt Kollectiv now depends on income from mercenary units it fields.

One of these units is popularly known as the Rust Devils, due to the dilapidated look of their generally secondhand equipment. At least the force is well-equipped with basic sensor tech…

I've previously painted up a command vehicle and a trio of heavy tanks (no doubt salvaged from some forgotten battlefield).

And now, three more vehicles:

Three new vehicles

Rhino Tanks

I've given the Rust Devils a pair of Rhino Tanks (from the BattleTech line).

Rhino Tank

The standard Rust Devils paint job is brown with a red recognition stripe.

Rhino Tank

I've added a 'sensor globe' on top of the turret. It was made from the head of a flag pin.

Rhino Tank

You can find unofficial Dirtside stats here.

Rhino Tank

Leopard 2000 Tanks

I've also added five Leopard 2000 tanks.

Leopard 2000

Fortunately, the models had some 'bumps' that I could paint up as sensor units.

Leopard 2000

Unofficial Dirtside stats can be found here.

Leopard 2000

Scorpion 2000 Light Tanks

I'm pretty sure these models are Scorpion 2000s, and they make a nice recon unit of five vehicles.

Scorpion 2000s

Unofficial Dirtside stats are here.

Scorpion 2000

That completes my force build for the initial battle of the campaign.