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Mon Nov 15 19:48:32 PST 1999
Voters = 16

Voting Results

Favorite Rules
Battleground: World War II69%
BAPS (Beer and Pretzels Skirmish)19%
Men of Frost6%

Rules Regularly Played
rules played regularlypercentage
Battleground: World War II70%
BAPS (Beer and Pretzels Skirmish)30%
Battalions in Crisis10%
Grey Storm Red Steel10%
Hell By Daylight10%
Men of Frost10%
Skirmish '9010%

Number of Rules Regularly Played
number of rules played regularlypercentage
1 rules played80%
2 rules played10%
6 rules played10%

Rules Tried
rules played at least oncepercentage
Battleground: World War II90%
Battalions in Crisis40%
BAPS (Beer and Pretzels Skirmish)30%
Cross of Iron30%
Hell By Daylight20%
Men of Frost20%
Grey Storm Red Steel10%
Screaming G.I.s10%
Skirmish '9010%

Number of Rules Tried
number of rules playedpercentage
1 rules played40%
3 rules played20%
4 rules played20%
2 rules played10%
8 rules played10%

Voters, By Experience
level of experiencepercentage
Up To Ten Years36%
Two to Three Years29%
Up To Twenty Years29%
Twenty Years or More7%

Voters, By Region
North America94%
Western Pacific6%

Voters, By Setting
usual game settingpercentage
With a friend or two44%
At the local club31%
At the local game store13%
At gaming conventions6%

Number of Armies
number of armies owned or usedpercentage
5 army/armies20%
7 army/armies20%
11 army/armies10%
12 army/armies10%
14 army/armies10%
18 army/armies10%
2 army/armies10%
8 army/armies10%

Armies Owned/Used
armies owned or usedpercentage
Soviet Union80%
United States of America80%
United States of America - Paratroops80%
Germany - Paratroops70%
Germany - S.S.60%
Britain - Paratroops50%
Soviet Union - Guards50%
United States of America - Marines50%
British Commonwealth20%

Periods Played
1942 Russia63%
1944 France50%
1941 Russia44%
1943 Russia44%
1944 Sigfried Line44%
1940 Blitzkrieg31%
1944 Eastern Front31%
1945 Western Front31%
1943 Pacific25%
1943-45 Italy25%
1944-45 Pacific25%
1945 Eastern Front25%
1939-40 Winter War13%
1942 North Africa13%
1942 South-West Pacific13%
1943 Mediterranean13%
1943 South-West Pacific13%
1939 Mongolia6%
1939 Polish Campaign6%
1941 Balkans6%
1941 North Africa6%
1941-42 Southeast Asia6%
1941-44 Continuation War6%
1941-45 Insurgency6%
1944 Russia6%

Number of Periods Played
number of genres/periods playedpercentage
1 periods38%
3 periods13%
6 periods13%
10 periods6%
13 periods6%
14 periods6%
16 periods6%
4 periods6%
7 periods6%

Scales Used
figure scalepercentage
6mm (including 1:285 and 1:300 scales)31%

Number of Scales
number of figure scale(s) used
(per person)
1 figure scale(s) used56%
2 figure scale(s) used38%
3 figure scale(s) used6%

James Paulsen

We play Battleground WW2 at least three times a month. A great game, which is easy and quick to play while at the same time detailed. Has my vote as the best wargame, period! [15 Nov 1999]

David Larkins

A meeting engagement between Soviet tanks (supported by a squad of assault troops) and two squads of Germans (supported by a Tiger II). The focal point of the battle was a small grain silo/processing plant. The IS-2 was disabled early on by an extremely lucky shot from a Pak 40, and things went downhill from there. End result: a total Russian rout. [11 Nov 1999]

John R. Surdu

We recently used BAPS for two pretty exciting games. The first was Moros in the Philippines game, and the second was a WWI game involving some British armored cars and a German A7V. The beauty of BAPS is its flexibility for various periods. [06 Jul 1999]


Tarawa Atoll, morning of 20 November 1943. Lt. Col. H. Ameys 2nd Bn. 2nd Marines storm Red 2 on the northern coast of Betio Island. Very tough going for the leathernecks. [13 Apr 99]


Ran a rather good game of the Dutch in '40,using BG:WWII, homebrewed stats for the Dutch Small Arms. Was a close, fun game with lots happening, and fun was had by all. Only a few questions? 1. How does BG handle Large Caliber ATRs as opposed to Small Caliber? By large caliber, I mean 20mm. 2. Does anybody use the card system of inititative?

Great New site for BG WWII: It's specifically set up to handle the Blitzkrieg era for BG and there's other goodies there too. [31 Mar 99]

steven gusky

The last game we played was from Battleground's Panther's East packet. It involved many russian armor units (t-34 41's, su-76's and t-70's) breaking through a german force of pz4's, tigers, and panthers. The game played very well!!!! We were able to play all very detailed 10 turns in under 3 hours. Highlights include the t-70's knocking out one tiger at point-blank range, the su-76's firing their little hearts out, and the panthers melting everything in their way! Every game we have played from the various scenerio packs has been very successful and fun. Next, we are off to the Bloody Bocage! [30 Mar 99]

Vince Solimine

Streets of Stalingrad urban infantry fight. [28 Mar 99]

John Thomasovich

Our most recent game involved a Soviet counterattack against a German-held village on the approaches to Moscow during Operation Typhoon, October 1941. Despite an enormous numerical advantage (2+ companies vs. a reinforced platoon), the Soviet attack was stopped by German artillery, 88's and mud. We used Grey Storm/Red Steel (after BAPS, my personal favorite) with 15mm figures by Old Glory & vehicles/ordnance by Quality Castings and Military Miniatures. [26 Mar 99]

Bryan Stroup

The last time I played I actually modified slightly the ruleset Crossfire. I set it up so that instead of one stand = one platoon, one stand = on man. We fielded 4 squads of Japanese troops defending against 3 American Marines. [26 Mar 99]


The Last game I played was Men of Frost about 2 months ago by myself. That I still remember the battle (somewhat) is one indication it is a good set of rules!

Anyhow, I had 3 British Paratroopers armed with 2 rifles and a Sten Gun against 5 Germans armed with a MG, 3 Rifles, and 2 SMGs. They were fighting in a VERY built-up section of Arnhem and the British had the luck to be in a position where they could snipe at the Germans from the housetops while the Germans had to search for them. The British lost one casualty wounded (He'll be back for the next battle) and the Germans lost 4 killed and the last one fled the field. The Germans will have to bring up some heavier armor if they want to beat these guys! [26 Mar 99]

Paul Leicht

Skirmish involving units from the 3.SS-Panzer defending suburban area of Warsaw in August 1944 from elements of the Soviet 47th Army. [9 Feb 99]

Cory Cote

Tried doing the large scenario in Easy Eight's Tanker's Challenge supplement for Battleground.

Thirty some t-34's versus half a dozen PzIV's and panthers (we modified to fit available models). The scenrio really goes overboard for a 1-1 scale. Even in 15mm there was too much stuff- the game took over six hours. [8 Feb 99]

Peter Palmer

We played a multiplayer game in 15mm using the Anti-Tank Rapid Fire amendments from WI coupled with the infantry rules from Overlord, but set on the eastern Front in 1944.

The forces involved [on a 1 figure = 1 man, 1 model = 1 vehicle]were 2 full strength companies of Soviet troops [based 4 and 3 figs to an element] with a company [10] of t-34s and an attached Assault gun platoon of ISU-122/152s versus a 3 platoons of German infantry, 6 Pz Ivs and 2 Tigers.

We were able to complete a move in less than 30 minutes, and there were no periods where a player was uninvolved over the whole 7 hour game.

we're familiar with the overlord rules to the point where we are usimng them as a framework for a generic ww2 set rather than a campaign specific set as they are written.

There is a lot of ambiguituy over the definition of skirmish and tactical level, as opposed to scale of figure representation. To me, they are two separate areas. For example, in games where 1 fig = 1 man, and 1 model = 1 vehicle, many rules go for involved resolutions of hit location and effect. This is skirmish. However, there seems to be no middle ground between this and the ratio troops of Rapid Fire.

Using ratios to represent troops is a personal anathema of mine, as is moving individual figures. Nor do I want to be poring over multiple tank location hit charts.

I believe that the minimum unit of maneuver should be the fire-team/half-squad in WW2 games, but I find it looks silly to have that unit represented by one or two figures. As for tank platoons being represented by 1 model, well, I don't see the point, particularly in 15mm.

So I regard the limits of rules as:

Skirmish: no more than a platoon per player, based individually, and certainly not more than a platoon of tanks.

Tactical: 1 figure = 1 man, 1 model = 1 vehicle, but the base unit of maneuver and effect is the half-squad, and tanks are either hit and killed or hit and no effect - but there are recognisable differences between vehicle capabilities without the minutiae of skirmish. Here, a player can comfortably field and handle a battalion-sized infantry force, with associated tank Company, IOW a Battlegroup.

Then there is the operational level, where representations of the units are used, utilising representative figures and abstracted model/vehicle ratios. This I see as operational. [8 Feb 99]

Scott Fisher

Last game had early T-34s against a German Recon platoon with some armored cars and Pz IIs. Very great game, quick to play and great realism. I think Battleground WWII is the best skirmish in the market. Usually this game is billed as pure "infantry" but we have found that it is a great game for armored actions too. [8 Feb 99]

Charles Turnitsa

Last game I played in, which used Battleground, was a west-front scenario written by me, run by our local club. The scenario involved a German mech-inf force (2 halftracks and 4 trucks, a squad of inf each, a single panther, and a couple of towed light guns) hastily taking up a defensive position along a lightly wooded ridgeline, with some minor earth works already in place (from a previous encounter). The German goal was to stop an American mixed column (several M4's, an M10, trucks full of infantry) from passing through the area. Unknown to the German player, however, was that the American column arrived just as the Germans were starting to take up position. It turned out to be in an interesting skirmish, but next time we refight it we are planning on giving the Germans some mortars to break up the American column a little bit.

The BattleGround rules, while really aimed at mixed, or infantry actions, work really well. In the past, the ruleset I liked the most was Overwatch, but that is almost a purely armour game. It is very well suited, however, for 1:285 microarmor matches. [8 Feb 99]

Norbert Brunhuber

I played an early war game of Brits vs. Germans in 1940. I had just a few weak tanks on the British side with German sidecar-mounted MMG plus a platoon of infantry on each side. It was my own design so a little unbalanced, but as usual our group had fun with the quick BAPS rules. [10 Feb 99]