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Brief Description Players design their own fighting vehicles, based on size of figure and points spent. Systems include armor, weapons, force shields, power systems, instrumentation, crew capacities, etc. Game includes a wide variety of weaponry: laser weapons, powerguns (heat weapons), particle beam weapons, disruptors, sonics, plasma guns, eli blast (plasma ball) weapons, conversion beams, cone weapons (rapid-fire rocket launchers), gaus (magnetic) weapons, mortars, rocket-assisted rifles, guided missiles, cluster rockets, hellbores (pelletized hydrogen), disintegrators, plus miscellaneous small arms. The combat rules cover such items as target acquisition, special damage effects, hand-to-hand combat, and robot programming. Fully compatible with Starguard.
Period The time of anarchy following the Second Starwar (23rd Century)
Scale Tactical. The ground scale is 1" equals 60'. One movement point is the equivalent of 2.7 mph. One turn represents 15 seconds. Each figure represents an individual combatant (man or machine, as the case may be).
Basing Individual
Contents 38-page digest-size Design Manual, 44-page digest-size Combat Manual
Designer John McEwan
Publisher First edition published 1985 by The Quartermaster. Now available from Reviresco

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David Hornung (

I have to admit that I love John McEwan's work.  The game is fun, but the rules need some work.  The larger weapons systems are really overwhelming!  This is realistic, but when you have weapons with 200" ranges, who has over 15' of table to play on?

The system is an excellant expansion for Starguard, however, and the smaller warbots are a lot of fun.

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