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This web page exists to answer rules questions for players of Snappy Nappy. Answers which are official (that is, direct from the publisher or the designer) are marked like this; other answers are the best guesses of staffers here at THE MINIATURES PAGE.

If you have rules questions, please email them to us and we'll try to get an official answer for you.

Q: What Initiative Ratings (IR) should the corps commanders have?

A: This can be up to the umpire. In the 1813 scenario, I made it a simple 2 for the French and 1 for the Russians/Prussians.

Q: What Morale values should units begin with?

A: Morale may be started at any level to reflect whatever campaign scenario the umpire wishes to use. I generally start armies at Firm morale for simplicity, although certain units may, at the umpire's choice, be higher or lower.

Q: In rule 8.0, Melee, first paragraph, reference is made to "Attack Columns." What are these?

A: Slip of the word processor. It is a regular column formation.

Q: With regard to rule 6.1, does a unit attacking in column formation versus an eneny in line formation have to "conform" to one stand or both stands?

A: I see your situation. Hmm. Clarification time.

For a single column vs. single line, the attacking column must conform to the line (no hitting by a corner). The attacker should try to conform to a stand, but may hit the middle of the line as long as the attacking unit conforms to the line. The whole unit in line counts for melee purposes ("defending unit" as per 8.0).

The intent of the rule is to prevent nicking a unit with just a corner and saying it was melee. If you want melee, you must bring your entire brigade to bear.

Q: What is the scale of the Spring 1813 scenario map?

A: The map depicts approximately 120x130 miles, so it's about 10-15 miles to the inch (square table area on rectangular map needed some fudging).

Note that the idea of using proportions (2.0) to do a campaign comes into play. The tactical aspect of the rules is 1" = 200 yards, which works just fine for tactical battles. When you lay out the campaign area on multiple tables, you use 1" = 1 mile to place the terrain. That's how the Spring 1813 campaign fits on five 4x7' tables.

This is also why I like real-time turns (OR02) and the 15-30 time lag between issuing and receiving orders.

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