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Through my two years of playing WFB, I have discovered that psychology plays a large part in the game - not only as characters causing fear and such, but how your miniatures look also draws attention. If you have a vibrantly painted centerpiece and large, fiercely painted units, your opponent will start shaking in his boots.
Craban (Craban@aol.com)

Concerning the use of chariots: they're great!

I always include at least one in my army -- the ability to do 2D6 + 2 automatic strength 6 hits to a unit is too good to pass up.

Of course, my chariot is usually the first thing shot at, which is not good for the chariot, turns out its all to easy to kill the poor beasties, but at least it takes the attention away from my larger units.

(Besides, as I play an Undead army, I can always use the ol' Raise Dead spell to heal the beasties and send them merrily on their way!)

I would advise the High Elves to always include at least one Tiranoc Charioteer (the tiranoc refers to the driver, not the chariot) in any army.

Psychology is very important in Warhammer, and a chariot is good for making the opposition think really hard before moving, possibly even making a couple 'a mistakes elsewhere simply to avoid that chariot. So what if he blows it away? It's an easy victory point for him, but at least that's one turn he wasn't foucused on other more valuable parts of your army!

Todd Sheldon (tsheldon@bnr.ca)
I've been playing WHFB part time for about a year now, and this holiday I got to play it a lot (with all that time off from work, and a willing relative in town staying at my house..)

Here are some things I noticed:

  1. The way the 'to hit' tables are worked out, having a higher WS is not that big a deal. If WS is <= opponnents WS, you need a 4+ to hit, it does not turn into a 5+ until opponnent WS is > 2 times your WS.
  2. The way the 'to wound' table work, strength and toughness are very, very important statistics. If strengh = opponnents toughness, wound on 4+. Strength is 1 greater than toughness, wound on 3+, 2 greater, wound on 2+. The opposite is also true, stength is 1 less than toughness wound on 5+, 2 less than toughness, wound on 6+.
Why did I notice this? Because I ran a manticore into the Throne of Power and the High Dwarf King and his standard bearers needed 6's to wound my manticore (who can absorb 5 wounds). Basically, the manticore chewed up the dwarf king and his bearers (even with the throne absorbing the first 4 wounds).

If you have something to say on this subject, drop me an email.

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