Legendary Battles


Fantasy rules designed to cut out unneeded complication and get right down to tactics and maneuver. Rules written in clear, easy-to-learn manner, with plenty of examples and diagrams. Includes a point system for constructing tournament armies. Optional magic system.

Period Fantasy -- epic scale
Scale Ground scale is 1" = 10 yards. Can be used with any scale of miniatures (or even mixed scales). Time scale not stated.
Basing Infantry are mounted on 1" square bases. Cavalry take 1" x 2" bases. Recommends one figure per base in 25mm scale; 2-3 figures in 15mm; "lots" of 6mm figures.
Contents 40-page rules booklet
Designer Barry Richardson (barry@connect.ab.ca)
Publisher First edition published 1994 by the Canadian Wargamers Group

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