Hordes of the Things (HOTT)


Rules Clarifications for HOTT Our staff takes their best shot at your questions.
Cheat Sheet for HOTT This is a single piece of paper with all the vital info on it for each player to refer to during the game.
HOTT With A Difference G. Branco's variant rules and army lists, designed to make magic in HOTT more interesting.
Simple HOTT Magic Extension New options for magicians.
DBx Page Nunawading Wargames Association's page for HOTT-related rules.
Battle Reports Some after-the-battle game write-ups.
Gnome Army List Based on the army pack from Peter Pig.
The Stronghold Alan Saunders' (alan.catherine@btinternet.com) HOTT website, including a brief description of the game, some rules clarifications, analysis, army lists, battle reports, scenarios, and links.
Halloween '97 Pictures from Bob Beattie's annual Halloween game. There were 7 players and 8 commands. It was humans of the Crusades era (both east and west) vs. the Old Races (dwarfs, goblins, elves, orcs). One command on each side was all aerials.
The HOTT Mailing List "A list for discussion of the Hordes of the Things fast-play fantasy miniatures rules."
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The DBM Mailing List Covers all games in the DBx family, including HOTT.
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