Gnome Army List

Peter Pig manufactures a Gnome army in 15mm which is just the right size for a HOTT army...

Alan Saunders (ASAUNDERS@dsl.uk.ibm.com)

My army uses these figures and is arranged as follows:

  • The four prone Gnomes and the one with the pile of rocks are not used (you could put them in your Stronghold I suppose - I chose not to).
  • The Gnome on a mushroom is a Magician (4AP total)
  • Each snail rider is a Behemoth (4AP each, 8AP total)
  • The two Gnomes with mace or sceptre (actually, I think they're secaturs) are combined with the Gnomes throwing rocks to produce three elements of Shooters each of four figures (2AP each, 6AP total)
  • The nine Gnomes with the fishing rods are combined with the one sword armed Gnome (who has a crown on and is therefore obviously a King) plus the two flower holders (standard bearers) to produce three elements of Spears. Two elements have four fishing rod wielders, the third has the King, the standard bearers and the last fishing rod. The King's element is the General. (2AP each, 6AP total)

That gives 9 elements, 24AP total.

I put the Behemoths in the centre, Spears on each side and shooters to cover the flanks. The wizard sits behind this line and zaps anything in range (no LOS needed - and you can bespell things even if they are in close combat). Trundle the whole line forward and defy the opposition to stop you.

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