The Dwarven Labyrinth

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Tells the story of the Devout attempt to retake the Ringhold captured back by the Dwarves. Includes background on the Labyrinth - both the wild underground, and the subterranean network constructed by the Dwarves. Introduces new Devout and Dwarven units optimized for underground fighting, plus one new unit apiece for Firstborn and Stygian armies. Provides extensive new rules for indoor and underground settings.

Focus the Labyrinth (underground)

88-page softcover book (back cover mistakenly claims the book is 96 pages long). Book includes two cardstock sheets bound into the back of the book, providing:

  • 2 templates (must be punched out)
  • 4 markers
  • 30 cards
    sample card
DesignerJohn Grant with Peter Flannery
Publisher First edition published 1998 by Target Games

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11 October 1999page first published
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