Q: Can a tray activate more than once per turn?

A: A tray can activate only once per turn. A tray can choose to do nothing, but must declare this knowing that it cannot activate later in the turn.

Q: When you activate a group, and roll for each tray, sometimes a tray will receive no actions. Can it attempt to activate again in the same turn, or does it really get no actions this turn?

A: A tray that is not able to activate can do nothing for that turn.

Q: How do you suggest indicating formation?

A: Formations are either line or column. The way the trays are placed will indicate that. Changing directions of a tray is done during a movement action, no additional movement to change directions. As for limbered and unlimbered artillery, the players will have to mark in some way.

Q: Does a casualty also count as a hit? In other words, since a unit takes a morale check only if it takes a hit, if a unit received one casualty and no hits would it still take a morale check?

A: Yes. A morale check is required. A six always results in a hit and a casuality.

Q: Can modifications ever cause a unit's morale to slip below "4"?

A: One clarification that comes up frequently is that units may not slip below a "4" for morale. This means when firing or in hand-to-hand combat, they can only score hits with rolls of "5" or "6". What happens when a target or defender is in advantageous terrain that modifies the roll, is the only hit possibility a "6"? No. The lowest morale level a tray can fall to is a "4," and any fire or hand-to-hand combat can only be reduced to a morale of "4" regardless of modifiers.

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