Taming the Email Tiger

December 1996 Editorial

I reported a few months ago that my email stack had reached the height of 217 Letters to the Editor. Well, it got worse. While I was attending to things like bringing back the Clubs pages, my email total climbed ever higher. (I never counted the total, but at the height I had over 300 emails in my Urgent Pile!)

What kind of email, you ask? It ranges. Everything from companies who want me to mention their products, to readers who want me to add a new game to the rules lists, to players asking for suggestions about rules or tactics, and a few good souls who report in about bad links and HTML bugs. Some emails take only a moment to respond to, while others can take me an afternoon.

I am glad to report that, as of the start of December, I'm caught up on my email! (Or as caught up as I'll ever be.) My outstanding email pile at this instant consists of:

Er, that makes a grand total of 172 emails. (Plus I haven't checked my email for today yet...)

See, I am catching up.

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