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Readers who violate The Rules may be sent to the Dawghouse for a few days.

Being in the Dawghouse means that your posting privileges have been temporarily revoked. This particularly stinks if you were in the middle of a sizzling discussion with someone - but hey, don't break the rules!

(Yes, you could theoretically start a new membership account to keep the discussion going - but that's also against the rules, and you are in double-trouble if I catch you...)

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The following accounts are currently incarcerated in the "hellhole" known as the Dawghouse:

Names at the top of the list will usually be released soonest.* You may click on the names to see their Profile pages, and read of their terrible crimes.

* Technically, the listing is by number of hours left on their current offense. If someone has multiple offenses, they'll float to the top of the list as their first sentence expires, then drop back to their next sentence. I should change this someday to just work by total time...