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Alpha 54mm Painting Contest

This is a contest in which the Finalists will paint as many as three 54mm historical figure from Alpha Miniatures.

This is a two-stage contest. In Stage One (the stage we're on now), contestants submit one photo of their work and a written explanation of why they should be chosen as Finalists. Our readers will vote for the top entries, who become the five Finalists and go on to Stage Two. (If there is a large number of entries, the voting may be divided into multiple rounds.)

During Stage Two, there will be three rounds of competition. During each one-month round, the Finalists will each paint their choice of the three designated figures, and submit an article (with photos) of the painting process (to be published in TMP's Workbench).

Concluding the first two rounds, the TMP membership will vote to determine which competitor to excuse from the contest. The remaining competitors will advance to the next round.

The third round will involve the final three contestants, after which a vote will determine their final ranking. Prizes have been provided by Alpha Miniatures:

  • The first-place Finalist will receive a gift certificate worth $100 USD.
  • Second place receives a $50 USD gift certificate.
  • All Finalists may keep the three contest figures.

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Alpha Miniatures' 54mm Scale Figures

German leader

If you've been thinking of getting into larger scale figures, Alpha Miniatures has a product line specifically for you - what they call "affordable 54mm figures with just the right amount of detail."

We make it easy to paint great-looking 54mm figures. Our figures aren't cluttered up with every minute detail, just enough to give you great-looking figures that are easier to paint in less time than most 54's. This means your figures spend more time on your gaming table and less time on your painting table!
Gaius the Murmillo

Here at TMP, we've wanted to expand our painting contests to feature sizes other than the ubiquitous 28mm scale. Therefore, we jumped at this chance to showcase some 54mm figures when Alpha approached us.

Roman Signifer

In previous voting, the readers of TMP have chosen the three figures for this contest - one Gladiator, one Roman, and one German:

Gaius the Murmillo