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"The PLEDGE February 2019 (The Pressure Mounts...)" Topic

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438 hits since 1 Mar 2019
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IronMike02 Mar 2019 12:45 a.m. PST

Well, the gears are in motion:

Figures purchased: 15
5 Eldar Dire Avengers
5 Ork Burnas
5 Chaos Cultists

Figures painted: 35
6 Space marines
7 1/300 OGRE miniatures Emplaced howitzers
10 1/300 OGRE miniatures Mobile howitzers
12 1/300 OGRE miniatures Superheavy tanks

Net gain/loss for February: +20
Net gain/Loss for year: +36

I've painted more figures in the first two months of 2019 than in the entire YEAR of 2018….

Personal logo etotheipi Sponsoring Member of TMP02 Mar 2019 5:59 a.m. PST


Bought: None

Based/Converted/Painted (28mm UON):
88 15mm Scifi
32 Medieval Persian Infantry
16 Medieval Persian Cavalry
21 Fantasy Monsters
9 Modern Civilians
7 Pulp Characters
7 Computer Consoles
5 Wild Ruins CDs
5 Industrial Ruins CDs
3 Medieval European Infantry
3 Stasis Pods
2 Board Game Mars Rovers
1 Gazebo
1 Flayed Man
1 Errant Samurai
1 Dog

203 February Total

In 0
Out 203
Progress 203
Previous 315
Total 518

Pretty good month, especially considering no real time off.

ecaminis Supporting Member of TMP02 Mar 2019 6:21 a.m. PST

Bad month, got a good deal on ebay and painted some figures for other people.

So bought:469 28mmm Napoleonics

painted: 190 28mm Napoleonics

So added 279 figures this month. But I am still 66 figures to the good. Hopefully no deals this month and I can get the figure count going in the right direction again.

Personal logo Stosstruppen Supporting Member of TMP02 Mar 2019 7:06 a.m. PST

Here is the link to last month. I'll post my totals later…

TMP link

Cornelius Supporting Member of TMP02 Mar 2019 8:13 a.m. PST

PSC 20mm sdkfz 233/263 2
PSC 20mm Blitz 3
EWM Jeep and 2 crew 3
Frostgrave GA Treasure Tokens 2
28mm Normans + medievals 19

Frostgrave GA tribals 26

Total for month +3
Total for year -68

March will be better, honest (No more Nickstarters), but April brings Salute :-(

FusilierDan02 Mar 2019 9:08 a.m. PST

A good month all around. I did have to wait for a base delivery to finish some troops and having those extras on the sidelines for leftover paint helps. I'm avoiding stores and cons but did join the Brigade games AWI kickstarter so come July will have more figures. I'll need to get ahead of that.

Bought = 0
Painted = 45 (All 28mm. Warfare GNW Swedes Cavalry, GNW Russian Cavalry, GNW Russian Infantry and 7 Perry AWI.)

Monthly profit = +45
Yearly profit = +47

GypsyComet02 Mar 2019 9:30 a.m. PST

February 2019 total:

Bought 6 (WFB/AoS)
SOLD 114 (several abandoned interests)
Painted 0 (to completion, anyway)

Year-to-date totals:
Growth -91 (net)
Painted 27

Still in the black

Personal logo Grelber Supporting Member of TMP02 Mar 2019 10:41 a.m. PST

I painted one figure!! Whoopee!

Went to Genghis Con. Warlord Games was there, and they brought a bunch of Footsore miniatures. I bought 10 of them, and would like to buy more. At least I have samples now to mix with my other Vikings. In addition, I bought two fantasy figures and was given two more, that's a total acquired of 14 against one painted.

So, not a good month (from a painting perspective--I'm rather excited about the new Vikings), but with last month's totals, especially selling off 16 figures, I'm still ahead for the year.


irishserb02 Mar 2019 10:51 a.m. PST

For February, not so much progress:

36 x 1/285 Uwanda Inf stands
1x 1/285 African building

2x 1/100 Etendard kits
3x 28mm Sci-fi tank crewman
51x 15mm Cold War French infantry

-19 on the month

For the year:
99 painted
62 received

March will probably cause me to lose more ground.

gamershs02 Mar 2019 11:01 a.m. PST

For February
Bought out collection of about 90 predreadnought and rebased 2 of them (so far). Will be rebasing these ships for next 6 months

painted 7 Babylon 5 Centauri ships and have 5 ships and 20 fighters to go in that fleet/size.

Painted 2 Japanese WW2 float planes and have about 40 Japanese aircraft to go. Still have Polish, British and French air force unpainted. Also have additional aircraft to be painted for my US (had to buy those B35 Flying Wings), Russian, German, Italian air force's.

On Sunday will go to Games plus auction and am selling 24 Battletech mechs and a drop ship and hope I don't find something INTERESTING to bid on. I do have about 550 painted and 270 unpainted Battlemechs to sell (10 year plan).

I estimate if I do not buy anything more I can finish painting what I have by the turn of the century.

Dashetal02 Mar 2019 2:27 p.m. PST

Painted 87 28mm Back of Beyond Chinese in the two weeks since starting the project, Need to do 700 by July 15th for Historicon game.

Personal logo Stosstruppen Supporting Member of TMP02 Mar 2019 5:37 p.m. PST

Another positive month


50 – 20mm WW2 Marines
1 – 15mm Mexican Church

While I am still maintaining my no purchases pledge I did get a few bucks for my birthday and bought some stuff from the Bad Squiddo bargain bin.


14 – 28mm figs
3 small terrain pieces

Total this month +34

YTD +82

whitphoto Supporting Member of TMP02 Mar 2019 10:20 p.m. PST

Good month:

13 28mm Fallschirmjäger
16 Terminators for Terminator Genisys
11 damaged 'crawler' Terminators
13 Battletech mechs
6 6mm APCs

we'll call it 53 figures.
84 painted last month brings me to 137 out of the 350 goal I set for the year. Might have to up the goal…

Chuckaroobob03 Mar 2019 1:55 p.m. PST

Had a good month although I couldn't resist a 75% off sale…

25mm Pygmies: 20
40k Grots: 7
Scatter terrain: 4
25mm WW1 Brit Cav: 24

1/56 WW2 vehicles: 9
25mm WW2 German Inf: 30

So I'm still in the black at +16 for Feb, +21 for 2019.

Chgowiz13 Mar 2019 8:05 a.m. PST

Aha! You posted this to a different location, sneaky :)

My results for Feb:

Painted: 29
Bought: 0 (yay!)

Yearly profit: +51

Goal for March:
- Get to as close to 0 in the lead pile as possible. I ended the month with 19 figures left unpainted.

DOUGKL13 Mar 2019 4:38 p.m. PST

Bought 0

1 medieval tent
11Spanish scutari (unit now complete)
28 SYW Highland Inf
8 Spartan cavalry
12 Carthaginian heavy cav
Total 60 painted
YTD +82
Not a bad start for me. The problem is can I control myself at Cold Wars.

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