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Rangers Lead the Way06 Feb 2018 3:21 a.m. PST

What a shame I personally don't play tournaments but I do play pick up games. I looked forward to the painted armies and terrain boards. If this is a V4 issue I hope they fix it. The folks at the Battlefront booth are very kind. This will leave a lot of space in the open gaming area.

jsmcc9106 Feb 2018 4:40 a.m. PST

Or does this tell us that Flames of War is not as popular as it once was? I am curious also. The terrain boards were always an inspiration.

panzerCDR06 Feb 2018 5:17 a.m. PST

I have been playing FOW since 2004. I have helped keep their ledger sheet in the black for over a decade. I have bought most of their many ranges for that period, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, TY, etc. I have most of the books. I have tried their new paints (not as good as Vallejo I would say). I have played the game from V1 to V4 (though mostly V3).

That being said, I do not like the V4 rules so much. Watching the forum sites, I think many people do not either and are spending their time and money on other rules, even if the current plastic models are very good. Fewer comments and anticipation of coming releases are apparent on the forums. The current release of the North Africa Italians is not sufficient to turn this around, though the Eastern Front material later this year might lessen the trend. This apathy/drift may have led to the loss of the Cold Wars tournament. Game rules and systems come and go; FOW may have reached its apogee and is declining, at least for a while.

The terrain boards and tournament armies are always an inspiration, even if I do not play in the tournaments.

Wackmole9 Supporting Member of TMP06 Feb 2018 6:05 a.m. PST

Or maybe the organizers got tired of all the work that goes into running a large tournament.

TMPWargamerabbit06 Feb 2018 9:16 a.m. PST

A true sign and statement to all of the current USA FOW gaming world when Cold Wars appears to have no FOW V4 tournament on their current PEL… especially if no last minute organized FOW V4 event is submitted based from BF forum commentary. There seems to be some effort to run a small tourney at CW currently in discussion on the BF forums (conventions and events sub folder). Hope they are successful. I will have to look at the CW PEL for possible update.

BF messed up with their limited V4 MW rollout schedule, the design of the "formations", dropping but still needing to add rules so the streamline look isn't, and unbalancing of EW/LW points, plus a growing LFTF file caused by questionable playtesting, a LFTF / FAQ file which is spotty in updating too. Add in the total dropping of all V3 BF support, rule clarifications LFTF or on the forum, any V3 tournament prize or other support for the seasoned and veteran FOW gamers who built the brand, leaves us in the current declining FOW gaming world situation.

I hope BF is selling lots and lots of TY and plastic models for the legion hordes of new players they talk about on the FOW (BF) forum….. but where are these new players if Cold Wars cannot support a simple series of games.

So… like many FOW gamers who still play V3 rules, with their beautifully painted and large multinational collections, across well terraced tabletops, with established rules and organization supplements or free pdf's for many "formations" (companies or platoons), we play in our local gaming rooms, the local LGS or, like myself, also venture out to promote large regional convention scenario games for 6-10 players several times during the calendar year.

Interesting that my regional LAX Strategicon OrcCon (Feb16-18th) convention scenario game may have more FOW V3 players then the entire Cold Wars tourney. We even have a V4 MW Africa game (run by Adam) on Friday night and a TY tourney at the same convention run by Troy. I really hoped that wouldn't be the case going forward as I prefer lots of FOW gaming…. V3, V4, AIW, VN, or TY across the great nation. But the times are changing around the FOW world…. in Europe, In Australia, even in New Zealand, home base for BF.

If in Los Angeles, near the international (LAX) airport on Feb 16-18th, drop in and see our regional FOW gaming.

For my FOW V3 two-part scenario scheduled for the convention: Operation Overcast May 1945 American vs. Soviet LW post WWII with a German influence twist. For more information and scenario details:


Winston Smith Supporting Member of TMP06 Feb 2018 8:03 p.m. PST

I know 5 FoW players in my local group who used to play in 3rd ed tournaments. To a man, they have thrown 4.0 under the bus.
They aren't alone. Nearly all of the players of FoW in the Northeast feel the same. I don't ever wish to claim "all". This is the feedback I get from my friends.
They would gladly go back if V3 were revived. That's highly unlikely. "I could have you hanged, mule skinner, but it would not be worth reversing a Custer decision."

Battlefront is determined to push V4 at all costs. They refuse to sanction any V3 tournaments. Meaning no recognition, no prize support, etc.
Put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Battlefront. The vast majority of former diehard players consider V4 an inferior game, sacrificing what realism there was in V3 to dumb it down into "World War 2, the Gathering."

rhacelt07 Feb 2018 5:29 a.m. PST

I agree whole heartily with Winston. I have seen a huge decrease in local players since the change to vs4. Just look at this board it is almost all questions about Team Yankee, very few questions about Flames of War.

Col Piron07 Feb 2018 9:05 a.m. PST

They refuse to sanction any V3 tournaments.

TBH they are trying to suppress everything about V3 on their forums , deleting/locking threads for petty reasons .One BF staff member even wrote if you want to continue playing V3 start up a Facebook Group ! huh?

Winston Smith Supporting Member of TMP07 Feb 2018 5:46 p.m. PST

It's a shame really. The V4 plastic kits are rather nice and would play nicely under V3 rules. grin

TMPWargamerabbit08 Feb 2018 8:42 a.m. PST

Another TMP posting on the decline of FOW. Been a story for recent years now except on the BF FOW forum where all is perfect in FOW world. Thanking lucky dice that out here in So Cal there are active groups making the effort, playing several game days each month, for V3 and V4 plus TY.

TMP link

TMPWargamerabbit09 Feb 2018 7:14 a.m. PST

The new supplement book V4 Avanti just rolled out……. anyone notice or care? Even the BF forums are quiet. I prefer the older North Africa….. even have the original Avanti Savoia book to game with…. but have no desire to purchase the released Avanti book. More $$ for other periods to play.

panzerCDR09 Feb 2018 9:02 a.m. PST

Battlefront is doing a live launch of the new Italian book and forces for V4. I wonder how many are bothering to watch it? I imagine that they have some metrics to gauge how well their sites are performing.

I too prefer the older Italian/North Africa books and have enough Italians in my pile of lead, resin and plastic that the new forces hold no attraction. Especially when I have a lot of T-64s to build. . .

Col Piron09 Feb 2018 9:09 a.m. PST

The new supplement book V4 Avanti just rolled out…….Even the BF forums are quiet

There's more posts about the new NAM website problems !

panzerCDR09 Feb 2018 11:07 a.m. PST

Not a good sign . . .

Grimmnar09 Feb 2018 10:05 p.m. PST

What and when did the decision happen?
I swear i read on the groups that there was a decision finally and a tourney would happen.
That, i recall, was only a couple weeks back when the word came down.

What did i miss and where?


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