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"Z-Day 005 -Thor's Journal -There's No Place Like Home -Pt1" Topic

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Amalric Inactive Member01 Dec 2014 3:05 p.m. PST

Z-Day 005 – Thor's Journal
Day Five- There's No Place Like Home
Part 1
an ATZ FFO Batrep

Day 1 – TMP link
Day 2 – TMP link
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Day 4 – TMP link

Thankfully the power came on earlier the Tuesday morning. After everyone had gotten up, we had breakfast and got ready to take Rebecca home. The cell phones were overloaded again, so I wasn't able to call Rebecca's Mom, but Gwyn did get a text that her folks were holed up on the family farm. I still hadn't been able to get thru to my family out on in LA and Stark wasn't that close with his. The folks downstairs in apt 101 left that morning, getting out of town until this blows over they said. Right… As 102 is vacant, that leaves the building to us now. Though Gywn hasn't been back to her place since Saturday night, she hasn't shown any interest in crossing the Police tape. She's a smart cookie as she brought her necessaries out with her before the Police taped it shut. We still haven't heard from the Police regarding that night, or any of the other run ins we've had recently. Around ten we piled into the Cruiser and headed out. There was very little traffic on the roads and most of what we saw was headed out. When we near the Garden we saw the intersection ahead closed to traffic and the Police were detouring traffic back. There was a slew of Police cars and vans assembled and with all the policemen milling about arming up, it looked like they were getting ready for a riot. Stark said it looks like the Police may be setting up a quarantine zone nearby. Great news… Well as we couldnt drive, I parked the car in the lot on the South side of the Garden and we decided to hoof it across the park to Rebecca's.

The North side of the old Japanese Gardens in Riverton. [Board is 4' x 4']



Broken section of fence.

Moon Gate.

Thor, Gwyn, Rebecca & Stark head out. [once again I'm using a substitute mini for Gwyn, we really need to get her a gun]
Once again the Katanas are left at home. Stark and I have pistols while Gwyn has her tire iron.

We move thru the park. Its been neglected by the city of late and has really grown up. [visibility in park is 12"]
We ease thru it carefully as apparently this is a known gangbanger playground. Lucky us…

D10s represent Possible Enemy Forces [PEFs]

We think we hear something or someone moving to the North of us.

We stop as the sounds of voices approach.

A trio of ganger punks come out of the bush and stop, surprised to see us.
We each give each other plenty of room.

They are joined by a forth. Their colors don't seem to be that of the punks we met yesterday.

So we keep moving to the Moon Gate at the Dragon entrance while the punk seem to leave.

Out the gate and onto Jackson. It seems deserted. The abandoned buildings lining the street make me feel a tad nervous.

I wonder what those punks are up to?

The two cars we pass had been broken into.

We thought we heard voices.

We were right, the gang is back.

We watch as the punks duck out of sight again.

Are they tailing us?

With a shout here they come again.

But Stark and I are ready.

D6s represent InSight rolls, ie who goes when. If there isnt a d6 next to a figure, it flubbed the roll and wont go this turn.
The front two punks have pistols, the ho and the remaining punk have knives.

Stark opens fire but misses, Mr. Luger speaks and a punk gunman drops.
The rest flee.

We round the corner of Washington at a run and get the Girls into the alley safety.

After a moment, its apparent that the punks have dragged off the friend and we run down the street to Rebecca's apartment. We're not waiting on the street for the Police this time. Besides, we need to bustle if we don't want to be caught on the wrong side of a Police quarantine line. Rebecca's Mom's apartment is in the Papalina Building that is right next to a county health clinic. That wouldn't be a bad place to be during the zombie apocalypse would it?

Once again Gangbanging Punks rear their nasty heads.
But even though they had decent Reps, they really flubbed InSight.
With the gang leader down, the rest fled… for now.
Will Rebecca's Mom be home?
Will our hardy band run afoul of the Riverton Gangs?
Will their be a Police Quarantine?
Stay tuned for Part 2, the exciting conclusion to There's No Place Like Home!

Thank you for looking.

War Monkey01 Dec 2014 4:12 p.m. PST

Okay I'm starting to like these guys, keeping my fingers cross that they make it. Hope they find more firepower then what they have.

Great write up! keep them coming. :D

Private Matter01 Dec 2014 4:39 p.m. PST

Nice write up. I've been enjoying you AARs.

saltflats192901 Dec 2014 7:37 p.m. PST

How long does it take for zombies to show up?

Amalric Inactive Member01 Dec 2014 8:45 p.m. PST

Saltflats, they're coming.
An ATZ campaign is like a roller coaster and right now is the slow climb up before the sudden plunge down.

Though as I was typing up the AAR, I did hear Prof Malcom from Jurassic Park paraphrasing his line, "There are going to be zombies in this Z-Day campaign right?"

Thank you for the kind words all.
Part 2 is in the can and just needs editing and posting.

tuscaloosa Inactive Member01 Dec 2014 8:49 p.m. PST

Neat immersive story. Could the punk who was shot rise up again as a Z?

Amalric Inactive Member02 Dec 2014 5:05 p.m. PST

Than you

<<Could the punk who was shot rise up again as a Z?>>
In the ATZ rules, you only become a zombie by being wounded by a zombie in melee.

Part time gamer07 Feb 2017 3:03 a.m. PST

War Monkey
Okay I'm starting to like these guys,…
Great write up! keep them coming.
Second That!!
Im not familar w/ ATZ, but w most APOC games, 'noise' has an effect on "what happens next". i.e, Zeds are attracted by noise.
"Noise = humans and humans = "more brains".
(paraphrase from 'one' of the Liveing Dead" films)
Could the punk who was shot rise up again as a Z?

In the ATZ rules, you only become a zombie by being wounded by a zombie in melee.
Ya gotta be bit. And if he did.. his friends would be the first ones w/ the REAL problem.

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