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"Plans For "Hercules Dropship"? Could Work For 15mm?" Topic

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TheBeast Supporting Member of TMP28 Nov 2013 9:30 a.m. PST

Just throwing this idea out there, has anyone every thought to double the size of the templates and make a ship twice it's original size :D

You do know this makes you an EVIL gamer!

Wait, at about 40", plenty of room for floor templates to battle inside… Oh, you ARE evil! ;->=

Don't listen to him, keep at what you're doing, and ALL of us informed!


War Monkey29 Nov 2013 10:01 a.m. PST

Okay I printed off a few of the templates at normal size, so I can have a couple to tinker with to double the size of this ship, when another thought just hit me, so later I'm going to print of some at 50% smaller and see what this would look like half it's size.

Lsutehall05 Dec 2013 3:24 p.m. PST

Lfseeney, are you based in the States? I have been working on a similar conversion of the Hercules for laser cutting, with the idea of making it available in the UK. I'll happily put it aside though if you have plans to make your version available internationally?

Lsutehall14 Dec 2013 12:36 p.m. PST

So I've managed to wrangle the whole thing into a CAD package. My plan is to modify the cutting profiles for 3mm MDF, so I built the final ship so I can see where else needs tidying up.

Here are a couple of renders for fun:



I can also give the completed dimensions:
Length: ~600mm
Width: ~400mm
Height without the wing-tip fins: ~115mm
Height with fins: ~135mm

TheBeast Supporting Member of TMP14 Dec 2013 1:56 p.m. PST

Bleeped texts, I'm already envisioning an extendable handle in the opening dorsally-centered, just forward the wing tips. I love the idea of playable figure cases.


WJAL2114 Dec 2013 2:11 p.m. PST

Looking very good. Is it out of order to suggest alternative cargo modules for underneath?
Do you have the pdf's of the panel details? Can those be incorporated onto the laser cut panels?
Can't wait to see how this develops.

Mako1114 Dec 2013 3:46 p.m. PST

I'd prefer a design without the side-bay doors, and with roll-in, roll-out, fore and aft doors, so heavy vehicles and cargo can be loaded, and offloaded, easily.

Lfseeney14 Dec 2013 7:45 p.m. PST

I was just trying it for fun really, please do what you can to make it work.

I have a set of plans in Corel and can export to .DXF if you would like to look at them.

As I did not design it just copied the plans, I am sure there is room for many improvements, to mine.

The issue I found with the decals was many would look better in depth, 2-4 thin sheets to build them up to look good.

Converting them is a bit painful, as they are a picture not a vector drawing.

Let me know if you would like the files.


Lfseeney14 Dec 2013 8:08 p.m. PST

To really make this design work from where I am atm will take at least 50 to 100 hours, to add all the etchings to the panels and stuff.

Good luck with the sales.

WJAL2115 Dec 2013 9:51 a.m. PST

Apologies, didn't appreciate the panel details were in a different format. I think what you have done is great.

arngrimson15 Dec 2013 1:53 p.m. PST

How heavy is it?

I'd love to have a couple but with RORO (Roll On/Roll Off) doors.

Mako1115 Dec 2013 3:41 p.m. PST

If you make it out of foam-core, it should be pretty lightweight.

Littlearmies24 Apr 2014 10:11 a.m. PST

Did this flurry of enthusiasm go anywhere? CC?

grommet3724 Apr 2014 10:54 a.m. PST

This looks like it might scale well with power armor or robot troops.

Even 15mm mini-mechs might work. I am intrigued.

War Monkey24 Apr 2014 12:12 p.m. PST

CC is not the only one head over heels about this one, I have printed out everything needed, but just haven't gotten around to it

When I do get around to it I have three ideas
1 build it at normal size
2 build it at twice it's size
3 build it at 60% it's size

In the mean time I have a few thing in line a head of this

Lion in the Stars25 Apr 2014 8:49 a.m. PST

Lfseeney, are you based in the States? I have been working on a similar conversion of the Hercules for laser cutting, with the idea of making it available in the UK. I'll happily put it aside though if you have plans to make your version available internationally?
honestly, international shipping of MDF items is often a dealbreaker. Especially for heavy items.

Not being the owner of a laser cutter myself, I'm not sure of the exact details, but I'd suspect that a much more economical idea would be licensed, local production (defining "local" as "within the same nation or economic union). This does present the problem of needing to adjust the plans for whatever thicknesses of material you have locally, though.

Lsutehall26 Apr 2014 7:16 a.m. PST

I've spent a bit more time on this today, with the idea of getting a costing.

I don't have access to a laser cutter, so I uploaded a rough first-off to one of the ponoko family sites for a quote.

Here's the kicker: in 3mm MDF, we're looking at ~60 + shipping. (That's around $100 USD!)

That cost could be reduced by making some changes to the layout of the cutting files, but I suspect that it would still be outside of an acceptable price range.

John Bear Ross11 Dec 2014 12:44 p.m. PST

TMP link

Thanks to Mad Mecha Guy, this is now a thing.


Mako1111 Dec 2014 1:36 p.m. PST

That is a great looking model.

For people with less disposable income, the Quinjet toy makes a decent substitute.

hoplite31814 Dec 2014 11:56 p.m. PST

Not sure if it's my connection or not, but I can't seem to access the PDF files for this. The page won't load. I'd love to get them if anyone can help out.

Mad Mecha Guy Sponsoring Member of TMP15 Dec 2014 4:31 a.m. PST


I believe the mil-tec website is closed.


TheBeast Supporting Member of TMP15 Dec 2014 7:53 a.m. PST

But saved on the Wayback machine…

They're sponging for funds again, but I think they're darn well worth it.


War Monkey15 Dec 2014 11:42 a.m. PST

I have the PDF files just need an connection to send them to you.

hoplite31815 Dec 2014 1:01 p.m. PST

War Monkey



War Monkey15 Dec 2014 2:55 p.m. PST

Mail sent subject line War Monkey it's sent in three sections


Stogie15 Dec 2014 5:03 p.m. PST

For the guys considering doing this model on a global basis. I have 3D CAD software that can be adjusted for scale and local materials if you guys want to expand on this idea.

We could also design alternate designs, whether they are newer generations or completely different.

War Monkey15 Dec 2014 8:45 p.m. PST

mail resent typo on my part ;D

Psyckosama06 Aug 2015 8:19 p.m. PST

I have a backup of the plans I've posted on Mega.


Mad Mecha Guy Sponsoring Member of TMP07 Aug 2015 7:51 a.m. PST

If don't feel like scratch building it, can buy a MDF version.

TheBeast Supporting Member of TMP07 Aug 2015 8:12 a.m. PST

Yeah, his site is also Mad Mecha Guy. ;->=


Psyckosama07 Aug 2015 9:07 a.m. PST

I'd personally tend towards the MDF version actually. ;)

Mako1107 Aug 2015 12:26 p.m. PST

Seems to me they should partner with a company here in the USA that can cut them in MDF, or other materials as well, to avoid the heavy international shipping charges, and still make some money on royalties.

Psyckosama07 Aug 2015 12:32 p.m. PST

Same. Maybe even find someone who can do resin or spin-casting and come up with a detail kit

tsofian Sponsoring Member of TMP08 Aug 2015 3:01 p.m. PST

If you do one in 15mm can you do a version that could easily be converted into a Victorian Science Fiction or Diesel Punk version where it has props instead of jets?

Psyckosama08 Aug 2015 7:01 p.m. PST

Tsofian, Mad Mecha Guy did the conversion instead but to be honest if you want steampunk or Diesel Punk you'd be better off buying a 1:72 scale WW2 bomber and then converting the hell out of it

Psyckosama08 Aug 2015 8:04 p.m. PST

Try the SM.82 Canguro. It's kinda weird but but unique with three engine

devilinthedetails18 Aug 2015 9:55 a.m. PST

Did mil-net die? Can't find the plans for this anywhere.


Psyckosama18 Aug 2015 2:07 p.m. PST

Yes. Please check my link given above

devilinthedetails19 Aug 2015 11:45 a.m. PST

That seems to want me to install an app/program…

Psyckosama19 Aug 2015 7:53 p.m. PST

You can choose to download through your browser with a link below the two buttons

devilinthedetails20 Aug 2015 12:36 p.m. PST

Looks like an iPad issue then. No download option only a link to an app download.

I'll try a computer when I get the chance.


minigamermike05 Jan 2017 9:24 a.m. PST

To John Bear Ross:I would like Neil Nowatzki contact information. I have been asked to make some of these.
And you can reach me at:
gmail dot com

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