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Rules intended to allow players to "...embark of a journey of diverse experiences and challenging situations." One side represents the state, while the other side takes the rebel role. Each player rolls on a random table to determine his force and mission. Further dierolls determine the terrain, presence of civilians, and arrival of reinforcements. Simple rules cover hand-to-hand combat, ranged combat, formations, and morale. All weapons belong to one of four broad categories (for instance, throwing knives and shotguns are considered the same weapon type). Victory conditions vary per side, reflecting their different aims and aspirations. Rulebook includes list of guerilla wars throughout history.

Period Guerilla warfare throughout history
Scale Unstated
Basing Unstated, but presumably individual
Contents 42-page digest-sized rulebook
Designers Iain Dickie, Jim Webster (rules)
Publisher First edition published 1996 by Pireme Publishing Ltd. Distributed free to subscribers to Miniature Wargames magazine.

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