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HovercraftOsario 4000

Vehicle Conversion Guidelines

In our opinion, the key question when trying to fit an unofficial model into the Battletech universe is how to estimate the tonnage of the vehicle. We have come up with two rough rules of thumb:

  1. Take the weight of the vehicle in ounces, and multiply by 60. We find a postage scale to be useful. It is usually easier to weigh several of the same model, get the total weight, and divide to get the weight per vehicle.
  2. Take the volume of the vehicle in cubic centimeters, and multiply by 10. To determine the volume, measure the width, length, and height and multiply these together to get volume (Width X Length X Height = Volume). If a vehicle consists of separate components - such as a tank with hull and turret - measure these separately. When measuring, try to get the average dimensions, and exclude such items as gun barrels which would distort the measurements.

These rules of thumb are admittedly rough, but get you in the right ballpark. Feel free to adjust up or down by 30%.

For Example: Four of a particular hovertank weigh 1 ounce, so each tank weighs a quarter of an ounce. .25 ounces X 60 = 15 tons.

For Example: The hull of a tank measures 1.1 cm wide by 2.4 cm long x .4 cm high, for a hull volume of 1.06 cubic centimeters. (1.1 X 2.4 X .4 = 1.056 ccm) The turret measures .7 cm wide by 1.3 cm long (from front to back of the turret, not counting the guns) by .3 cm high, for a turret volume of .273 The total volume, adding hull and turret together, is 1.329 1.329 X 10 = 13.29 tons.

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