Battalion/Company Level Rules
For The Vietnam War

Brief Description These rules developed out of the Bodycount rules, also drawing on the Charlie Company and WRG 1950-2000 rules for inspiration. These rules cover a slightly larger scale, with players taking the roles of junior officers (up to battalion command), and are primarily intended for large multiplayer games in which fast play is essential.

Riflemen operate in fireteams (3 figures) or squads (6-8 figures); all other troops (vehicles, aircraft, heavy weapons) act individually.

The rules are very much under development, and were incomplete as of 4/24/98.

Period Vietnam War, company/battalion scale
Scale One turn represents "...1 minute of real-time during firefights, but can be of variable length otherwise...."
Ground scale is 1:200 for 10mm figures, 1:300 for 6mm (same as figure scale).
One model equals one man, vehicle, weapon, or aircraft.
Designed for use with 6mm and 10mm figures.
Basing Individual
Contents Website
Designer John Wilkie
Publisher John Wilkie

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The Rules
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