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Brief Description "Bare bones" role-playing system focusing on man-to-man scale combat using miniature figures.  The game presents a wide variety of background information in summary format. The basic game was intended to be supported with more detailed supplements, some of which were eventually released. Contains tables for random encounters and events.
Period Vietnam War, Special Forces
Scale Ground scale variable, but suggests 1" = 6 feet as default. Five second combat rounds. Each figure represents a single combatant. Intended for use with 20mm, 25mm, or 1:35 scale figures and models.
Basing Individual
Contents 42-page digest-sized rulebook, with fold-out page containing character sheet and "play-aids" (three rulers, scale PBR diagram, scatter diagram)
Designer Joe F. Martin
Publisher First edition published 1982 by Role Playing Games Inc. Second edition (1983) included "Mission Director's Screen."

Supplements Formerly Available

Sayaret & Track Commander: Recon Supplement One (catalog #6654, published 1983)
This 52-page digest-sized expansion adds background information for scenarios set during the Arab-Israeli Wars.  Sayaret covers Israeli recon units.  Track Commander covers rules for role-playing a tank crew.  Also included are rules for passenger vehicle driving and combat called Roadkill.
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The Haiphong HALO: Recon Module 1 (catalog #6652, published 1983) 
Four tabloid style sheets containing scenario to rescue American POW's. Includes 25mm plans for tramp steamer.
Hearts and Minds: Recon Module 2 (catalog #6653, published 1983) 
A 43-page digest-sized expansion with detailed campaign covering special forces patrols from a Montagnard village.  Includes several contact and event tables.
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San Succi: Recon Play Aid 1 (catalog #6637, published 1982)
Large envelope containing seven tabloid style sheets with 41 floorplans for 20mm or 25mm figures based on the 16 city-block map of San Succi. Includes some supplemental rules and charts.
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