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Brief Description The original rules form an appendix to the current edition of Recon, which is now a combat-oriented role-playing game. The focus of the book is on the Vietnam War, though general information about counter-insurgency and mercenary warfare is included. In order not to offend anyone, the Vietnam-era scenarios are set in a fictional land divided between Southern 'Nam and Peoples 'Nam. The role-playing rules put the players on the "good guys" side, fighting the "bad guys" (communists, generally). Book includes illustrated weapons guide, army organization information, two campaigns ('Nam and Sangria, both fictional), and 16 scenaros (mostly 'Nam).
Period fictional 'Nam
Scale Ground scale variable, but suggests 1" = 6 feet as default. Time scale not stated.
Basing Individual
Contents 150-page perfect-bound rulebook
Designers Erick Wujcik, Kevin Siembieda, Matthew Balent, Maryann Siembieda, Joe F. Martin
Publisher First and second editions published 1982, 1983 by Role Playing Games Inc. The Revised RECON published 1986 by Palladium Books. Palladium has promised a new edition, titled RECON: Modern Combat, but no release date has been set.

Supplements Formerly Available

rulebook cover

Advanced Recon (catalog #611, ISBN 0-916211-24-X, published 1987) is a 48-page book of supplemental rules and adventures. The focus is on allowing counter-insurgency campaigns which are less focused on combat engagements. New character creation rules make characters "last longer" in combat. An electronics section covers such items as night sights and radios. A primer on combat tactics is included. Background is provided for Southeast Asia circa 1965, with guidelines and random encounter tables for a fictional Laotian campaign.

The adventures are:

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