Gi'ac My

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Description Intended to be extremely playable. Includes rules for underground tunnel complexes. The rules are out of print, but the authors have regained the rights from FGU, and are considering putting the game back into print.
PeriodVietnam War, tactical
Contents50+ pages, 5" x 7" book (stapled), with a camouflaged green cover
Designers F. MacCrae, B. Lutz, A. Mark Ratner
Publisher Second edition published (in the late '70s?) by Fantasy Games Unlimited

What You Think

Frank Reynolds (
The rules are a little over-detailed by today's standards - being more mechanical than psychological in their approach, compared to more modern rules.

I use them primarily as a reference source, rather than a rules set, preferring Free Fire Zone or Charlie Company.

Catbox (
I remember Gi'ac My as a very easy to play, squad-level solo game. I really, really miss it (lost mine in a move).
Mark Serafin (
I used to have these rules, way back in college. The infantry rules seemed to be based on those of Tractics, with a lot of elaboration and details for the various weapons.

I always thought the 'color' commentary in the rules was the best part. Can't say I actually played them - for some reason none of my buddies were interested in playing a Vietnam game.

Jim Robinette (

These rules were published sometime in the late 70's in the States, and I once had a copy. Silly me, I let my wife talk me in to selling a great portion of my wargaming collection while I was in law school and we were living in a small cottage. Bad call on my part.

Anyway, Gi'ac My had very good commentary on the various combatants in the war (Khmer Rouge, Pathet Lao, all the various ARVN militias, the Dung mercenaries, etc.). I'd pay mucho dinero to have a copy of it again.

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