Free Fire Zone

second edition

Brief Description Rules for simulating low-level (company- and platoon-level) tactics during the Vietnam War. Command and control is an important part of play. Rules cover the use of helicopters, radio communications, tanks, booby traps, casualty evacuation, snipers, and prisoners. Artillery and air support is simplified. Rulebook includes extensive biblography and filmography.
Period Vietnam War, skirmish scale
Scale As the designer states, "One of the aims of these rules is to escape from the rigid concept of time, activity and distance." One turn represents about 2-5 minutes. 1" = 5 or 10 meters (player's preference). One model equals one man, vehicle, or weapon. Designed for use with 15mm or 20mm figures
Basing Individual
Contents 48-page spiral-bound rulebook, 1 reference card, 1 counter sheet (paper), 1 rules update sheet
Designer Barrie Lovell
Publisher First edition published 1993, second edition published 1996 by Firebase Games

A detailed description of Free Fire Zone is also available.

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