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New Elven Heroes


Mountainsplitter65 pts.
Great lion`s hide60 pts.
5 7 6 5 4 2 8 3 9

When the last captain of the White Lions met his end at the hands of Dark Elf Master Assassin Urian's poisoned blade, the bodyguards of the Phoenix King gathered to choose a new leader from amongst them. Eventually they chose a young Charcian hunter named Korhil to be the new Captain.

Their choice was not without merit -- it was Korhil who hunted down Thunder, the greatest lion in all Charce, and slew it with his bare hands. When Korhil`s home village was attacked by the Dark Elf reavers, he bested their leader Saurios Nightblade in single combat. This was a great feat indeed, for Saurios was a master swordsman, schooled by the Dark Elf assassins, and Korhil was but a young lad.

Korhil is perhaps the strongest elf in all Ulthuan, and widely recognized as the best axe-wielder amongst the White Lions. His bravery and coolness in battle is legendary, but it pales in comparison to his personality. His honesty, nobility and compassion have won him countless friends, even amongst the dwarfs. When the armies of the Phoenix Throne march to war, Korhil the Hunter is always to the fore.

MAY RIDEKorhil is a stoic warrior, and walks to battle as the white lions have done since the dawn of time. He may not ride steed, chariot or monster of any kind.
WEAPONS/ARMORKorhil wears a suit of heavy armor and carries an axe.
MAGIC ITEMSKorhil is allowed to carry up to two magic items, but first of these must be the Mountainsplitter. He usually carries the great lions hide as his second magic item.
NEW MAGIC ITEMS MOUNTAINSPLITTERThis great axe was a gift to the Phoenix King Bel-Shanaar from the dwarfs, and is traditionally carried by the captain of the white lions. It increases the users strength by 2 points. In addition it causes two wounds.
GREAT LION`S HIDEThis is the pelt of the great charcian lion that korhil slew. His friend Finreir the mage lord enchanted it to protect korhil. It confers +2 to wearer`s armor save and negates first wound suffered by the character. Note that if this wound would cause some additional effect, this also is negated. Further wounds affect wearer as normal.
SPECIAL RULES BRAVERYKorhil is an extremely brave and courageous elf. He is immune to fear, panic, terror, and cannot be broken in hand-to-hand combat. If the unit Korhil is with flees for any reason, he can either flee along with the unit or continue fighting alone.
WHITE LIONKorhil has sworn an oath before the shrine of Asuryan that he will never command any other unit except white lions. He can join other units, but his leadership cannot be used by the unit. If an unit of white lions is included in your army, Korhil must lead it. His leadership can be used by the white lions as normal. When Korhil is leading white lions they can draw upon his formidable will and re-roll any failed fear tests.
DWARF-FRIENDSHIPOnce Korhil saved a venerable dwarf runesmith from the marauding orc horde, and thus he earned the gratitude of dwarfs. Korhil can join dwarf units and his presence does not affect dwarf units leadership. Other elves affect dwarfs as normal.
Created by Tuomas Pirinen (longswor@tower.nullnet.fi)


Chariot of the Kings92 points
Cloudcleaver65 points

King Thaindal is old, and is the immensively proud lord of Tiranoc. He is the master of the proud people of the plains, and a charioteer without a peer.

His long years have made him bitter and hard, and he has seen too much bloodshed to retain any cheerfullness of his youth. For Tiranoc is a land sundered by the Long War. Year after year, battles have been fought here. A black elven steed is a status symbol amongst the dark elves, and the only place to obtain an elven steed is Ulthuan, for no horse breeds in the dark desolation of Naggarond. When Thaindal hears of a new warband of dark elf reavers trying to travel past his lands to steal the steeds of Elyrrion, he orders a muster of warriors and he grabs the dreaded halberd Cloudcleaver and summons his charioteers for the battle.

Your army may be led by king Thaindal. If you choose him, he must be the general of your army. Thaindal is very proud and he won`t even think of allying with the lesser races like humans. If Thaindal is leading your army, the only allies you can include are the wood elves.

Profile M WS BS S T W I A LD
Thaindal 5 7 7 4 4 3 9 4 10
Steed 10 3 - 4 3 1 4 1 5
Chariot - - - 7 7 4 - - -
EQUIPMENTThaindal wears heavy armor and is armed with a halberd. He carries a sword.
MAGIC ITEMSThaindal is a lord character and can carry up to three magic items. First of these must be the Cloudcleaver.
MAY RIDEThaindal may ride a monster, or one of his own steeds(+4 points, see the profile), but he almost always enters the battle in the legendary chariot of the Kings, drawn by four elven steed of his own stable (see profile for both chariot and steeds.)Chariot has 2 scythed wheels.
CLOUDCLEAVERThis mighty halberd is by far more dangerous version of the singing blade used by the charioteers of Tiranoc. When the wielder charges his enemies, it emits horrible shrieks, panicking horses and cleaving fully armored men in two.

Cloudcleaver confers normal +1 S modifier like other halberds. In addition, no ordinary armor can save against the wounds caused by the Cloudcleaver, so no save is possible, except for the magic armor. Remember to discount any ordinary pieces of armor. When charging the Cloudcleaver causes fear. Any monster or mounted model must take standard psychology test if it wishes to charge the wielder of the Cloudcleaver. Use the mosters own leadership instead of the rider`s, but mounted troops can test on the rider`s LD score.

SPECIAL RULES HATES DARK ELVESKing Thaindal has seen too many elves to die because of the dark elves, and witnessed too many cruelties made by the dark elves. He, and any unit he is leading therefore HATE dark elves.
Created by Tuomas Pirinen (longswor@tower.nullnet.fi)


+55 pointsfor the Sword of Victory

Hallar of Caledor is the most talented swordsman in all Ulthuan. Scion to one of the most influental and wealthy families in Caledor, Hallar is an elf of most noble bloodline.

He is capable of slaying a dark elf assassin in single combat, or challenging the greatest of the princes of Caledor to a match of swords and emerging victorious. Both prince Tyrion and Phoenix King Finubar take personal lessons lessons from him. After arrving to the Tower of Hoeth to study martial arts, it took him but a score of years to rise into a dominant position in the famed order of the Sword Masters.

Mighty though he is, his personality is flawed by the sin of pride. He belives that he is invincible, and that the High Elves are a vastly superior race compared to any other. Teclis the loremaster is deeply concerned about his young disciple, but Hallar comes from such a noble family that even he can only hope that one day the Sword Master will learn some humility.

In battle, Hallar is a terrible opponent. Usually his enemies do not even get a chance to draw their weapons before they are cut to pieces by Hallar`s twin swords.

Hallar is very handsome, and sports long golden hair. He wears a suit of scale mail made from Ithilmar, the most precious metal in the Known World. He is also know for his sarcastic and witty style of conversation. You may include Hallar in your army as an independent chracter. He may not be your general. He is far too busy admiring himself to lead an army!

Profile M WS BS S T W I A LD
Hallar 5 9 7 4 4 3 10 4(5) 10
WEAPONS/ARMORHallar wears heavy armor and is armed with a magic sword and an additional sword. He can thus make a fifth attack using his normal strenght with this additional sword.
MAY RIDEHallar may ride a dragon. Any other creature would be beneath his dignity! Normally, though, he walks to battle, preferring this spartan way of travel that shows his "humility."
MAGIC ITEMSHallar may carry up to three magic items, but first of these must be a magical sword. He prefers the mighty Sword of Victory, but his extensive collection allows him to choose any blade normally available to a High Elf character.
SWORD OF VICTORYThis is the magical sword favoured by Hallar. It`s his family`s heirloom, and thus only he can use it. It is a marvel of craftmanship, razorsharp and beautifully decorated with gems. A blazing aura of magic plays around it. It enables Hallar to always strike first. In addition, it gives +2 to wound rolls, and this gives Hallar a chance to wound almost any creature. Note that if Hallar would not normally be able to wound something, the sword of victory does not enable him to do so either. The edge of the sword is keen, and gives an additional -1 modifier to any armor save rolls.
SPECIAL RULES PRIDEHallar may not join any unit that includes any other troops than High Elves. He detests fighting with anyone of obviously lower status. If he is leading a unit, no Human of Wood Elf character may join it.
PARRYHallar is the greatest swordsman in the White Tower, and very possibly in all Ulthuan. He can therefore parry one hit that any of his opponents makes against him. He can only ever parry 1 attack in one H-T-H combat round, no matter how many attacks his opponents have, or how many opponents he is fighting. Hallar can choose wich opponent misses his/her hit.
STYLEHallar is blindingly fast and termendously agile fighter. He can dazzle his opponents by his amazing swordsplay. Any enemy models in Base-to-base contact with him must take a LD chek just like for psychology. If the test is failed, then his opponents can hit Hallar only with a roll of 6. If the test is succesfull, then no penalty applies. This ability does not affect any opponent that is not truly alive, like Daemons and Undead.
Created by Tuomas Pirinen (longswor@tower.nullnet.fi)

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