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The latest incarnation of miniatures rules for the World of Tekumel. (The earlier rules were Legions of the Petal Throne and Missum!) These rules incorporate special rules for the particular military formations of Tekumel, and include background on the local technology. Designed to be used with the six-volume Tekumel army book series. Includes campaign rules that can be used with the Tekumel gazetteer and maps. The rules also include rudimentary rules for naval and siege combat.

Period Fantasy - the World of Tekumel
Ground Scale 1 mm = 1 meter (1:1000 scale)
Time Scale 1 turn = 10 minutes
Figure Scale 1 figure represents 100 combatants
Miniature ScalesDesigned for 25mm scale figures. (Official Tekumel miniatures are available from Tita's House of Games.)
Basing Individual. 20mm x 25mm for humans.
Contents 70-page rules booklet
Designers Jeff Berry, MAR Barker
Publisher Current edition published 1998 by Tita's House of Games. Originally published by Tekumel Games in 1983 (first edition) and 1984 (second edition).

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6 October 1999page first published
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