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The second incarnation of miniatures rules for the World of Tekumel. (The earlier rules were Legions of the Petal Throne; and the later rules are Qadardalikoi.)

Period Fantasy - the World of Tekumel
Ground and Time Scales"It has been the author's experience that, unless the game is staged at 1:1, the time scale means only one thing: the number of turns in a battle; and the ground scale means only one thing: the distance a man can move relative to the distance a man can shoot. Therefore no scale is given except in practical application: move distance, missile ranges, and turns in a game."
Figure Scale 1 figure represents 100 combatants
Miniature ScalesDesigned for 25mm scale figures. (Official Tekumel miniatures are available from Tita's House of Games.)
Basing Individual. 15mm x 20mm bases for humans; other species vary.
Contents 25-page rules booklet (plus pull-out reference cards)
Designer Gary Rudolph
Publisher Published by Imperium Publishing in 1978. Still available from Tita's House of Games.

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