The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll

Brief Description

The goal is to get to the top of the crag, grab the scroll, and return before your opponent can. Each player controls a Quad of 4 Questrs (characters selected by each player), and must make wise use of their abilities, spells, and devices in order to overcome the challenges of the journey. The crag's terrain is randomly generated, as are the encounters.

Period Fantasy
Scale Unstated
Basing Individual. Designed for use with (but does not require) the official Universal Games figures and dice.

A Magikr

Figures sculpted by Tom Meier, who has succeeded at giving this series a unique look. Yes, strictly speaking, the miniatures are "large 25mm" in size (actually 29mm from foot to eye) - but these are not Warhammer Fantasy clones by any means! Most sculptors in this scale go for mass, but Tom has here produced a line of willowy, slender people who truly have a look of old-fashioned fantasy to them.

The figures are also detailed to an amazing degree - including embroidery on the clothing, delicate jewelry, beautiful work with the draping of the robes. The poses are varied and creative, from the dainty to the dramatic, and all of them implying action.

Contents 94-page perfect-bound book
Designer Nathan G. Doster
Publisher First edition published 1996 by Universal Games

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Online Resources

Publisher's Website
Hints, description of a sample turn, the official miniatures gallery, a list of company events, and a few limericks...
Designer's Notes
Nathan shares his view of the game, and what his design motivation was.

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