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In the Hollows of the Abyss, the great Lords make war. Archfiends, Lieutenants, and Hordes clash on the battlefield, with the Archfiends towering over the tiny, insignificant members of the Hordes. Playable as a boardgame or with miniatures.

Period Dante's Inferno
Scale Unstated
Basing Individual, with the exception of Hordes (5 figures per base). Intended for use with custom figures from the publisher (or the cardboard markers which come with the boxed set).
Contents Boxed set includes:
  • 40-page rules booklet
  • 64-page Tome of the Abyss digest-sized background booklet
  • two 18" x 23" color mapsheets (with posters on reverse side)
  • four sheets of full-color, die-cut cardboard (stand-up figures, counters, templates, and terrain)
  • a dozen stands for the cardboard miniatures
  • two red six-sided dice
Designer Marco Pecota (
Publisher Published 1996 by Global Games

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