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Shadowheart (Shadowheart@iName.com)
The rules are simple and lack depth, the miniatures all have the same pose, it was designed for kids and it's a wonderful game. The whole atmosphere of the game is fantastic, and it's simply huge fun to play.

After I got the game, I also got all the expansions available here in the Netherlands - Kellar's Keep, Return of the Witchlord (man, is he cool), Wizards of Morcar, and the Adventure Design Kit. I notice that the American editions look quite different from mine, though it's just the cards, books and boxes.

What has not been mentioned here is that it's also easy and fun to design your own adventures and additional rules (and there are lots available on the net).

Andy Parkinson (darth55@hotmail.com)
I give this game 10/10!!!! I also hope to own a copy of the computer game soon!!
SanDSt0rM (sandstorm@excelonline.com)
Although this wasn't the first boardgame I had, it was indeed the most interesting and definitely the most encompassing. I am very much into the idea of fantasy realms of magic, swords and stuff like that, so when I got this game for Christmas many years ago I was literally in love with it.

Then, I heard that there were expansion packs for it, but unfortunately I didn't have enough money to buy them, so the passion just faded after a while. But then, I got inspired again while watching the movie Beastmaster II so, a couple months ago, I went in search of the expansion packs, and was kinda saddened when I found that they were no longer in production.

And now, I got inspired once again, so this time I looked online for a possible answer and stumbled upon this site. I was ecstatic! I'm so happy there are other people out there just as enthusiastic as I am about a game that in my opinion has set a very big stepping stone for other, more advanced games to come forth. I dearly hope that the producers of HeroQuest (MB and Games Workshop) will come together and remake this game for us to enjoy once again...Does anyone out there know of a site that features a profile on the characters and enemies, with like pictures if possible?

lance ducote (lducote@hotmail.com)
This game kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!! It is undoubtedly the best boardgame ever made. I used to have it, but I didn't really know how much I would miss it after I didn't take care of it anymore!!!
Hunter (chairhog@home.com)
I love HeroQuest. I bought it off my friend for US$20 because I had to have it!! I looked everywere for Quest Packs but failed. I really wish Milton Bradley would summon this game back from the dead.
Kankbro (Kankbro@earthlink.net)
This game kicks ass!!! Me and my friends get together with some beers, bong hits, and gregorian chants and stay up all night playing this game every summer. The only problem is we need more expansions. We are desperately wanting to play the Barbarian and Elf Quest packs.
Sturmbringer (Sturmbringer@hotmail.com)
HeroQuest was my first real game. It introduced my brother and I to the concept of roleplaying and miniatures games. (A sizeable acomplishment by itself, I think.)

I was...about ten years old. I got it for christmas and was so excited. I remember two things - my grandfather accusing me of being Satanic...and first putting together the components (and breaking a few minies in the process) :(

I still have it, though, and the Dwarf, Elf, and Witch Lord expansions. :)

I still use those old minies for my other games (I really like those Fimir).

amano (amano@upnaway.com.au)
I first bought HeroQuest in my early high school years (1990-91) from K-Mart. I loved the contents, but found the game a little simple. For the last 6 years I have played many games - DragonStrike, Warhammer Quest, Warhammer 40k, etc. I have been recently searching for a easy-to-play fantasy adventure that is not too involved for setup, so I decided to to have a bash at HeroQuest with my Old Man. He likes it and I really enjoy playing now. With a little web research, I have found some rules to really liven it up. There is only one thing I'm looking for - a rule for experience and character advancement.
Matthijs Boers (jeboers@kabelfoon.nl)
For many years, this game has been my favourite boardgame. I still like the game, but there are little people to play with. It is disapointing that the miniatures can break very fast. By the way, I have also 4 expansion sets and the computer version.
Michael Cocks (s356824@student.uq.edu.au)
HeroQuest was my first boardgame, and I have branched out to more complex systems. I find, however, that the simplistic rules and nostalgia of HeroQuest are its greatest assets. No matter what game I play now, I always look back to HeroQuest for inspiration.

I owned Ogre Quest and The Return of the Witch Lord. (I have long since sold them.)

I had an elf named Magily who was a true hero in any world. He began in Melar's Maze and finished with the Witch Lord. He continued to defeat him again in his return, and went on to fight the Ogres. In the final game of the Ogre Horde, only Magily and the Barbarian (Gorfiller) remained, and they confronted the Mummies. Seeing so many young heroes die, I made Magily in his weakened state attack both so that Gorfiller could go free. Magily finished one off but fell to the last one, the last monster in the game, three steps from freedom. Gorfiller lived, but I will never forget Magily. My recollection tells me that he completed something like 19 games. That is not bad. I cannot forget such a great game!!! It is things like this that some more complex games lack. I would love to see it re-made!

Launchpad Mc'Quack (PJB333@aol.com)
I used to play this when I was a younger laddie. Best defined as a boardgame that wants to be a RPG when it grows up, it is a good, light game. (When I started it was different, but I was all of 8.) I started playing here and there again with the younger crowd, and I'm sorry to hear it's been discontinued.
Juri Koponen (jurik_99@hotmail.com)
HeroQuest is a fantastic boardgame. I also have it on the computer, but still, the boardgame is better. I don't have the boardgame, but my friend has it, and I maybe buy it, if I just can.

I played HeroQuest for the first time last summer, although I saw the game for the first time many years ago. It is the best boardgame that I know of!

Karloff (morgames@rapidnet.com)
I love HeroQuest for all the fantastic adventures, but I haven't been able to find any of the expansion packs. Our whole family plays the game. I hope they bring it back.
Craig (craigace24@hotmail.com)
I love this game, it got me into all the fantasy battles, and now it is discontinued. I went searching the net for the expansion packs since I had gotten back in the rhythm, but was only able to capture two of them. I plead, bring back HeroQuest!!
Kev Bailey (kevsan@flatrate.net.au)
This is a fantastic game. I only wish I'd discovered it before they stopped making it - I dearly miss not having any of the additional quests and expansions.
Rashad Qarib (WYShad2@aol.com)
I love this game sooooo much!!!! It is the best in the world!!!
Exodite (Exodite1@hotmail.com)
HeroQuest... probes memory of a childhood long past... Ah yes, good old HeroQuest. This game is awesome, but you don't need my opinion to know that. I never owned all of the expansion sets, as the only sets available in Australia stopped after Ogre Hoard. I did, however, own three editions of HeroQuest and remember playing through dungeons two or three boards long. Overall, a nice game. Praise The Emperor
Allen (BUBBAatLkn@aol.com)
I know HeroQuest is rather simple, but I started playing it lo about 10 years ago when it first came out. That was my introduction to fantasy games. Now I frequently play more complex fantasy games like D&D, and DM my own campaign, and it all started with HeroQuest when I was just little.

I don't play it much anymore; but that's because I don't have many people to play with. I think a lot more people would play it if it was more complex and customizable. I do that anyway, but it's harder than with FRPGs where you can just do anything you can think of. I think Games Workshop or MB, or whoever has the go here, should team up with WOTC or something and make an FRPG. It would be a lot more involving, and a lot more people play big complex RPGs than board-based ones. However, HeroQuest is easily expanded, but it is time consuming. If you collect Warhammer figures, you can incorperate some of them into it.

About the best thing to do is buy that fantasy board game from TSR (which, although bigger, wasn't better). It had four boards and pieces which can be used with HeroQuest, so you can have outdoor adventures and things. The TSR boards are a lot more detailed than the HeroQuest board. You can buy any miniature gaming board to play with!

So even though HeroQuest is basic and it's not made anymore, doesn't mean it can't kick if you put in a little effort and ingenuity, not to mention imagination.

Ty Beard (tbeard@e-tex.com)
A great set of rules. HeroQuest strips fantasy roleplaying down to its most basic element - the dungeon crawl. It's also a great way to introduce newcomers and even spouses to gaming.

A great quote came from one game. I, my best friend, and our wives were playing Heroquest. It was the wives' first time. At one point, my buddy (who was running the elf) refused to go into a room first. His wife glared at him and said "Oh, so you're one of those Keebler elves, huh?"

Anyhow, get it and play it. And the combat system isn't a bad system for skirmish games either.

Travis Estill (Eltce@gvtc.com)
I think HeroQuest is the best Action\Adventure game ever. I think the producers of HeroQuest (Games Workshop & Milton Bradley) should bring this great game back into stores. A while back, I looked for expansion sets, but I failed to find any. Now I know that the game has been discontinued. If you know any maps that are fun, not impossible to beat, send me a few.
Jesse Keeling (jfkeeling@home.com)
Please re-release this game. I always loved playing this game at my friend's house. But I never did get around to getting my own copy. I know many people who would agree that this game needs to be re-released, as well as all of its expansion packs.
Jeff Ballentine (jeff-b@inetnow.net)
We played HeroQuest several years ago, when it first came out. Our age group ranges from 23-26. We played it for the first time again last week. It is still the great, quick, refreshing game we knew. A needed break from the sometime agonizingly long episodes of Castle Risk and similar boardgames. We're going to continue until we defeat Zargon, for sure!
Matt Payne (gumbiism@hotmail.com)
I love Hero Quest!!! My friend introduced me to it when he moved near me, and we play it all the time.

Unfortunately, we have beat all the quests and it takes a while to write an entire quest book for new quests. I hope that MB does re-release it. If not with new quests then at least re-release the old ones that weren't released in the U.S.

If anyone has any good new quests, please put them on the Web so we can all share them.

Ronald Pehr (raven@wizard.com)
HeroQuest is a lot of fun. Getting to paint the figures was worth the price of admission. You can easily add in other characters and spells and such from other games, even the later versions (E.g. "Advanced" HeroQuest).
HeroQuest is a great game, although it is a little too simple. The game system is easily expandable by making up your own quests, characters, monsters, etc.
Ace (AceDragon69@theglobe.com)
HeroQuest does, in fact, have a chance of being re-released. According to Hasbro inc. They believe that it would be good to go at releasing the game again. Also because of the demands of the public. I own all the expansion packs and in fact, (not bragging) but since my dad works with the Milton Bradley company they said that if they do make a Wizards expansion that they could in fact maybe use one of my quests! I will inform you with any further info.
Pan Deman (pan84@hotmail.com)
I've played this game and I think it's good.
Jeffrey Fitzgerald (jeff@acadia.net.com)
HeroQuest is the best boardgame ever! I wish that I bought more quests so I could play a game that I've already beaten.

Please make your own maps for me to see. I have tons of them, but they are easy or impossible to beat. More maps would make this more interesting.

Donald Pollack (dmp@psxrocks.com)
I've played Games Workshop's version of HeroQuest, and really didn't like it as much as the original HeroQuest. (The only game I play from Games Workshop is Warhammer 40k.)

That's too bad, that they are not remaking the game.

Lou Harland (ballth@midwest.net)
HeroQuest is an awesome game!! I own three copies of the original boxed set and three of the four expansions. It has been a favorite of mine since I first bought it, and I wish Milton Bradley or Games Workshop would re-release it.

My friends and I have played it many times and have created many adventures of our own. We have even taken multiple boards and multiple heroes and had some huge campaigns. GREAT GAME!!!!!

Per Gustafsson (ThePerGus@hotmail.com)
I just love this game!!!

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