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Each figure in this game represents a military unit, and has individual, randomly generated stats. Units are either infantry or archer, and have a rank (leader, general, soldier, or grunt). The standard scenario is fought on a battlefield which includes a city and castle for both players, plus a number of markers (supply, fortification, traps, and shield). Money points, received for possession of cities, can be spent to obtain more units or other benefits. Units which are valiant in combat earn victory points, which can be cashed in to improve a unit's stats; victory points are also key to receiving Battle Cards which "...may greatly influence the outcome..." of the battle.

Period Galactic battle between Good and Evil
Scale Scale is unstated. Each figure represents a "military unit." Intended for use with 25mm figures, but "...any combination of figurines, toys, loose change, or anything else suitable for children ages 4-84..." will do.
Basing Individual
  • 20-page digest-size rulebook
  • 45 Battle Cards (must be cut apart)
  • combat reference card
Designers John Ross, Ryan Johnson
Publisher Second edition published 1997 by Guild of Blades

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