Fantasy Rules!


Generic fantasy rules, allowing players to battle in any number of fantasy or mythological worlds. Point system allows armies to be built from provided army lists. Forces include troops, leaders, and a variety of individual monsters and entities. Rules also cover magic, aerial combat, underwater combat, tunnelling, and juggernauts. Guidelines allow design of new troop types. Scenario provided.

Period "the worlds of fantasy and mythology"
Ground Scale Unstated
Time Scale The state of the Morale Clock reflects the time of day.
Figure Scale Unstated
Miniature ScalesDesigned for "play with figures of all scales" - all measurements in the rulebook are for 15mm scale, but reference charts are also provided for 25mm scale. The rule suggest basing 6mm or 10mm scale figures as you would for 15mm scale.
25mm scale 15mm scale
or smaller
width x length width x length
Unit 60mm x 60mm 40mm x 40mm
20mm x 20mm
20mm x 40mm

Guidelines are given for the number of figures per base (depending on troop type), but there can be any number of figures per base as long as all units of the same type are based in the same way.

Contents 146-page spiral-bound book
Designers Chip Harrison (
Curtis Wright (
Publisher Current edition (second edition) published 1998 by Chipco. First edition published 1996.
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