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The basic rulebook provides both a rules system and a dark fantasy world. Each of five races has its own army and spell list. Book is lavishly illustrated, both with concept art and photos of finished miniatures.

sample rules page sample army list page
Period Dark Fantasy - the world is coming to some kind of a climax, and all of the major races (Firstborn, Blackbloods, Elves, Dwarves, Devout) are bent on destruction.
Ground Scale unstated
Time Scale unstated
Figure Scale unstated
(each figure seems to represent a single combatant)
Miniature ScalesDesigned for 25mm scale figures. (The publisher also sells the Chronopia line of 25mm miniatures.)
Basing Individual

206-page softcover book, including four cardstock sheets bound into the back of the book:

  • a page of counters and a ruler (must be cut apart)
    counter sheet
  • two pages of templates (must be cut out)
    template sheet other template sheet
  • one reference card (two-sided)
    one side of reference card
Designers Dave Jones, with Alan Cowsill and John Robertson
Publisher First edition published 1997 by Heartbreaker/Target Games

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