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This skirmish-level miniatures game was designed for fighting those battles just too large for the typical role-playing game. Men can fight individually or in formations. One roll of the dice resolves whether an attack scores and how much damage it does, ensuring that the game plays swiftly. Leadership and morale rules are included, as are more than 100 spell descriptions. Rules allow conversions of characters from three popular role-playing game systems.

Period Fantasy.
Scale 10 seconds per turn. Each figure represents one warrior. 1" = 6 yards (figure and ground scale are identical). The rules are intended for use with 25mm figures, but can be scaled for 15mm.
Basing Figures are on individual bases. 1" square base is recommended for human-sized figures.
Contents Boxed set includes --

64-page Rulebook
160-page Sourcebook
32-page Scenario Book
32-page Color Guidebook
8-page Terrain and Painting Manual
17" x 22" double-sided color maps sheet
six 6-sided dice (four white, two black)
two 10-sided dice (one red, one white)
Designer Coleman Charlton
Publisher First edition published 1990 by Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc.

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