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greg95403 Aug 2012 3:18 p.m. PST

Finally got there; I've re-done the game board. Quite happy with the way it's worked out. Just one thing I need to address is the fact that. All though I kept the board as flat as possible. The basing was stonier than I would have liked and also, the contours I added to get rid of the flatness. Can Raise any bases in certain places.

Still lots to do, but any way thought I'll make a start. Here's the background information and fluff text on the game. Then pics of chapter one and a game report to follow.

The beginning
Earth, home to over 8 billion and now a struggle for survival. With millions dead and displaced though conflict. Resources at an all time low and the collapse of numerous world governments. Earth's future hangs in the balance.
Until now space exploration and the terror-forming on Mars was forgotten as conflict raged.
With recent discoveries of minerals deep within Mars; Earth Governments and Corporations alike realized Mars's potential.

Now Mars is back on the agenda and with it the rich deposits of resources. But to secure Mars and along with it the resources, means interfering with the greedy Corporations, but will they give it up so readily?

So, various Earth governing bodies formed a Coalition. The Global Prosperity Initiative (GPI) was signed and a promise to bring stability and a better life to the people was made.

In order for EarthGov to achieve this, they need a military wing. So the Special Assault Battalion for Reconnaissance and Enforcement (SABRE) was born. A way to maintain peace, enforce law and protect interests both on Mars and on Earth.

The Corporations

Bio-Tec Industries
Bio-Tec is the main driving force behind the creation of a lot of Mars's eco-system and the introduction of grass, plants and life forms. Amongst their biggest achievements are Flak Worms, Bugs and Razor Hounds. Which now roam happily around the more terror-formed parts of Mars.

Zale Enterprises
Little is known about Zale Enterprises. But back on Earth their web reaches wide. It's thought that Zale has more than one government in their back pockets.

Cerberus Corporation
Based on Mars, Cerberus was the first terror-forming company to establish itself. Over the last few decades Cerberus has seen their profits treble and with it their ego. A subsidiary of Zale Enterprises, Cerberus has their fat finger in most of Mars's pies. From mining to surveying; environmental testing; terror-forming and shady underhanded dealings. Cerberus isn't the only big player and Corporation with their own agenda. As the name suggests they guard their investments villainously.

OKI Corporation
Leading supplier of MHU's, the OKI Corporation has just landed a contract to supply SABRE for their accommodation needs on Mars.

UAE Systems
Union Aerospace systems designed and built many of the vehicles found on Mars. UAE also designed most of the environmental clothing and personal protection equipment needed for life on Mars.

Mars Pharmaceuticals
The leading supplier of environment and atmospheric drugs. With recent advancements, more and more people can survive longer on the surface of Mars. With less side effects when returning to Earth.

Special Assault battalion for Reconnaissance and Enforcement (SABRE) Units

Deimos Tactical Squad
SABRE OC Major Carl Winters
Deimos 2 Cpl Tomas Steiner
Deimos 3 Tpr Grisha Lipinski
Deimos 4 Tpr John Edwards
Deimos 5 Tpr Andrew Collins (H)
RJD Ramjack Deimos

Phobos Tactical Squad
Phobos leader Feldweble Wolfgang Schrieider
Phobos 2 Cpl Dimitri Ivanov
Phobos 3 Tpr Marcel Roux
Phobos 4 Tpr Gabriel Rodriquez
Phobos 5 Tpr Shaun Hunt (H)
RJP Ramjack Phobos

Ganymede Tactical Squad
Ganymede leader SSgt Scott Keller
Ganymede 2 Cpl Louis Fabion
Ganymede 3 Tpr John Tanner
Ganymede 4 Tpr Scott Montgomery
Ganymede 5 Tpr David Hughes (H)
RJG Ramjack Ganymede

Europa Tactical Squad
Europa Leader- Sgt Philippe Fontain
Europa 2 Cpl Tam Lopez
Europa 3 Tpr Remy Faucheux
Europa 4 Tpr Michail Petrov
Europa 5 Tpr Yuri Nicholas (H)
RJE Ramjack Europa

Triton Armoured Unit
Triton Commander Sgt Zac Keller
Triton Gunner Tpr Joe Jenkins
Triton Driver Tpr Sam Logan

Galileo Air Support Unit
Galileo pilot Lt Lisa Gibbs
Galileo gunner and Co Pilot Cpl Dirk Anderson

Chapter One

Sector 001 and SABRE's new base of operations on Mars, still under construction and behind schedule.
Ganymede squad are left on guard duty while the other three squads are out on various assignments.

But little do they know someone is plotting a little welcome for the newly arrived SABRE team.

The game table.

Cpl Fabion and Tpr Tanner on guard duty at the main gate.
An unknown MTV approaches.
"Who's this guy, looks lost" says Tanner, looking perplexed.

Tpr Hughes in sick bay, malingering under a rest and Ganymede squad's boss, SSgt Keller making his inspection rounds.
"Sarg, who's that shouting?"
"A person Hughes…Now if you're sick I suggest you go back inside for a lay down".

Construction workers; working overtime on under pinning a section of security wall.
"I told you, we should have done this when we built the wall"
"Shut up and instead of mouthing off do some digging"

Tpr Montgomery; trying hard to fix a mechanical breakdown on Ramjack Ganymede. Which unlucky for them is out of action.

Mooseworks803 Aug 2012 4:13 p.m. PST

Good stuff!

earthad03 Aug 2012 8:57 p.m. PST

that Angel barracks stuff looks awesome- good job!

Legion 404 Aug 2012 6:30 a.m. PST

Very Nice !! thumbs up

Angel Barracks05 Aug 2012 1:40 a.m. PST

Nice looking set up.
Glad you have embraced the FUBAR 6mm greatness!

greg95405 Aug 2012 3:58 a.m. PST


It would be better if I could take decent photos.

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