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xExwargamer08 Mar 2007 4:50 a.m. PST

Sorry but 25/28mm figures are not on my 'build Army 'X' next list anymore because of cost.

That said, I like what I see in my rules that arrived in the mail yesterday – Pig Wars.

I have some 25mm medieval (no plate armor – sold those) figures but, since I am not buying more of this scale, this would most likely be best done in 15 or 10 mmm (my beloved 6mm would work for me…but others have 'size issues'…also with their miniatures…) for the Dark Ages/'late' ancients period skirmish.

So, talk with me – what are my options in 10mm to 15mm scale?

Who makes reasonable figures for this period?

Before the 25mm 'plus' types pipe up about how skirmish can 'onky' be done in 25-28-33-45-54mm scale, if WW2 can be done in 15mm scale for skirmish then Pig Wars should be do-able in 10mm to 15mm scale.



Splintered Light Miniatures Sponsoring Member of TMP08 Mar 2007 5:04 a.m. PST

Old Glory is the obvious one that comes to mind, though the obvious problem is how many you get in a pack. I have found, however, that Pig Wars is a blast with each side having between 50 and 100 figures, which means the OG bags of 50 may not be too many.

Essex is another good option.

Two Dragons has extremely nice stuff, though there are no pictures of their stuff to be found as far as I can tell.

Check back with Splintered Light Miniatures (that is my company) in a few months as I will be having a Romano-British army coming out with an Early Saxon army following.

Hope the first three give you a start.


advocate08 Mar 2007 5:42 a.m. PST

For 10mm, Pendrakken Miniatures do a fair range of Dark Age figures.

aurouch08 Mar 2007 6:00 a.m. PST

OG packs are only $15 USD and that is if you don't have the card. How can you complain about that, especially for dark ages where you might need three troop types at most. And some of the skirmisher bags only cost $8.50. That is a side for about $40. USD

Although having said that the OG 28mm lines with the discount are typically near the same price of the better 15mm ranges out there so cost really isn't that much of an issue between 15mm and 28mm.

Old Digger08 Mar 2007 6:15 a.m. PST

And who says you can't use fantasy figs. There are a lot of nice 15-18mm fantasy figs. Orcs love to pillage and plunder (mine do).

Nick Nascati08 Mar 2007 6:23 a.m. PST

Why not look at plastics? You can get virtually anything you could want for Pig Wars in plastics.

Personal logo chicklewis Supporting Member of TMP08 Mar 2007 7:04 a.m. PST

Yes to the above, and if cost is such a big issue, there are some wonderful websites offering paper stand-up figures for free download.

runs with scissors08 Mar 2007 7:26 a.m. PST

I'd go for Essex or Feudal Castings. Yes, Old Glory 15s are cheap, but they're rather crude and no fun to paint (IMHO of course). I'd also think about Nick's suggestion of using plastics. Have a look at the plastics options here:


Personal logo D6 Junkie Supporting Member of TMP08 Mar 2007 8:29 a.m. PST

I would also suggest Feudal Castings and Essex.
.50 a fig and they come in packs of 8 foot and 4 cav.
This way you can get more variety! The Two Dragons figs
are very nice and they have plenty of villagers! I think
that Brookhurst still carries them.

aurouch08 Mar 2007 10:20 a.m. PST

Well if he's going for cost, then Essex15s only really saves him a dime over Old Glory25s.

Multiple scale war gamer08 Mar 2007 11:22 a.m. PST

No 25's please. That (25mm) is not going to happen anymore.

Cost is the biggest reason but space and personal preference (I can't paint worth <insert adjective>) also contribute. Nothing against 25mm for RPG's (which I don't do any more) but trying to get away from them for war games. Cost was just the straw that broke the Camel's back.


Glenn (aka warbeads in my 'other site' persona)

Multiple scale war gamer08 Mar 2007 11:23 a.m. PST


Crap, can't paint, can't type either…

aecurtis Fezian08 Mar 2007 9:26 p.m. PST

If you keep your eyes open as you walk around outside, you can find used matches, especially around smoking areas.

You can take these home, snip them into half-inch sections, and glue them to bases.

Much cheaper than actually having to *buy* 10-12mm figures, and almost as good detail. "Dark Age" armies all look alike, anyway.

Or you could get creative with a flour-and-water paste…


Multiple scale war gamer09 Mar 2007 4:07 a.m. PST


So, do you have any thing constructive to add to the conversation? Or did I miss the smiley face indicating an attempt at humor?

Stewbags09 Mar 2007 7:07 a.m. PST

He is busy lighting matches mate, said he was doing the viking invasion of the orkneys this weekend so he has his work cut out……

Robert Burke09 Mar 2007 9:39 a.m. PST

Where did you find a copy of Pig Wars?

Multiple scale war gamer10 Mar 2007 12:52 p.m. PST

Um, ordered it. Senior moment. Let me check e-mail for receipt…

Multiple scale war gamer10 Mar 2007 12:55 p.m. PST

Your order has been recieved and will be processed in a timely manner. If you selected the Mail In Payment option your order will be held until we receive payment. The address to send your check or money order is:
P.O. Box 107
Bethlehem, GA 30620.

Your order details are shown below:

Old Glory Miniatures Order ID: <snip>
Customer Details:

Shipping Method: Standard Shipping
Product ID: RULES-21
Product Name: Pig Wars Dark Age Skirmish
Quantity: 1
Unit Price: $20.00 USD
Order Total : $20.00 USD
Shipping : $6.00 USD
Handling : $3.00 USD
Grand Total : $29.00 USD

paladin chris05 Jul 2007 7:28 a.m. PST

just out of Curiosity….

Would it be stupid to play PW with 6mm figures. Wait, wait, wait….

I don't mean based individually on a 1:1 ratio. All I meant was basing them in groups on the bases at the size stated in the rules book, so instead of, for example, 1 PA spearman, having a small group.

No need to change the rules or anything…. purely for the visual…

Cyclops05 Jul 2007 10:51 a.m. PST

I'd second plastics.
Certainly worth having a look.

MaksimSmelchak05 Jul 2007 4:00 p.m. PST

Hi Glenn,

You can get probably anything you'd want in 15mm… it's is THE 15mm DBA SCALE, after all.

And, in 10mm, there are lots of options too.

Of course, small-unit skirmish games tend to be best with the larger scales such as 15mm through 28mm…

We just recently played a 28mm Pig Wars game. I have photos here if you'd like to see them:


And just between the two of us, Old Digger gives awesome advice and his 15mm collection ROCKS!


Last Hussar20 Jul 2007 4:06 a.m. PST

What Paladin Chris said, only with 10mm. Where a game relies on bases, not figures, you can get a lot on 10mm in the same area for the same cost (My dream is to do 10mm Napoleonic, but on the 25mm scale bases, so instead of units of 12 men in one rank I'd have 30 in two- costs 12x85p=10.20 (poss more if Officers etc are extra) vs 60x12p[OG] x10p[Pendraken] 7.20/6 )

Personal logo Der Alte Fritz Sponsoring Member of TMP20 Jul 2007 11:47 a.m. PST

Playing Pig Wars with 6mm and 10mm figures does not compute with Alte Fritz. It totally defeats the purpose of using the rules, which are for skirmish games and role playing. Two bags of Old Glory figures (one per side) isn't going to break your budget (join the OG Army for even more savings).

John Leahy Supporting Member of TMP20 Jul 2007 6:29 p.m. PST

Yep, another vote for plastics. There has been an explosion of sets for the Dark Ages released in the last year or so. Zvezda is releasing a new Viking set soon. I believe that will be the fourth Viking set out.

I'm doing it in plastics.



Last Hussar23 Jul 2007 7:58 p.m. PST

Fritz- please bear in mind I have no idea what Pig Wars is, so have no idea of the level of gaming- just commenting that if a base represents a group the 10mmm looks better. biously if this is a 1 man to a model skirmish then 20 toups on a base may look odd.

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