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Old Dwarf10 May 2016 1:32 p.m. PST

A 12AP HoTT Raid using 6mm Baccus strands.
(sorry no pics)

Sunrise in Khawarizm

Captain Patel gathered his great cloak about him,
bracing himself against the bitter winds that threatened to
sweep him off the narrow ledge.The climb to this
vantage point had been brutal,looking down he could
see the small figures of his men pressed against the
mountain pass walls to avoid the howling winds.

It had been a month of endurance & his mission hadn't
even started yet.The trek through the Colchain Mts
had seemed endless,the narrow trail & blindfolded
horses had always seemed one step from disaster,
but at least the money paid to the Kosala
Smugglers had been worth it.They had guided his force
through the secret pass avoiding Turan's outposts.

Patel now gazed out upon Turan's southern most
Provence,Khawarizm.His objectives the twin towns of Arzi
& Wussa were not visible tucked as they were in
a valley among the hills that marched to the horizon.
Nevertheless the trade road that snaked along the hills
made their location obvious.

Patel's commander had given him orders to burn both
towns ,part of the endless cycle of greater or lesser
fighting between Vendhya & Turan.Now in the cold & ice
of these God forsaken Mts,Patel cursed fate for this
assignment which owed more to his own folly than
politics.By Hanuman stones why did the commander have to
have such a young wife?The memory of Nissa momentarily
seized him & he could even smell her perfume & hot breath.

The sound of rocks falling returned him to reality, fortunately
it was only a minor rock slide but the sooner he got his men
out of the pass the better.With a sigh he secured his cloak
& began the descent,with luck they should be off the
mountain by nightfall.He would find a secluded camping
place in the hills & tomorrow be in position to attack
the towns .

Sub Commander Khmel strained his eyes into the mist
rising from the valley floor.The effort along with
the aftertaste of last nights potent wine focused
his headache into a tight ball behind his eyes.

The early morning had been hectic,after being woken
by a message from one of his Kosala informants.
The word that a Vendhya force was loose in his
district & moving toward the twin villages led him to
quickly rouse his dog soldiers .His men now advanced
cautiously through the dissipating morning mist,
seeking the raiders.

The information had cost Khamel a fair portion
of his bribe funds but he knew that a Captain whose
district was raided did not last long.He was assigned
to this fly bitten Province after being cashiered
from the Imperial Guard after the incident with an
all too willing Governors daughter.His court connections
had saved his head if not his career,this miserable
district was all he had left now & he intended to
defend it at all cost.

The valley appeared without warning,the steep hills
suddenly fell away from the trade road & the broad
green valley was exposed in the mist filled dawn.

Captain Patel,quickly organized hid forces into a
skirmish line covering the southern end to the Valley.
He planned to hit the nearest village Arzi quickly,
using his cavalry to seize the town & brining up
a unit of archers & swordsmen in support.

The more distant village of Wussa was assigned
to his senior lieutenant Bajara,who was to take
2 units if swordsmen & the other archer unit to
take the town.Once Azri had been put to the torch
Patel & the cavalry could aid Bajara's force if necessary.

Sub Commander Khmel had spread his troops to cover
the Northern end of the valley,although he had no
idea where the Vendhya forces were he knew their
designation. The rising sun had finally forced the
clinging mists to surrender & now he could see the
whitewashed walls of Azir & Wussa reflected
in the pale morning sun light.

The Sub Commander also saw a dark line moving up
the Valley…The Vendhya! he had just come in time
as they had not reached the either village.
His first impulse was to send his mounted troops
into Azir which was closest to the advancing
Vendhya, but that would be a death trap.
They would be isolated from the infantry & easy
prey when the enemy infantry attacked.
He steadied his men and swept his entire line forward.

Captain Patel,swore an angry blasphemy at Kalli,
the lifting mist revealed the Turan forces advancing.
The quick seizure of Azir by his cavalry wouldn't
work now & he had a battle on his hands.No need
for discretion now,he ordered the battle horns
sounded & watched his men close up ranks &
move forward.

The 1st Hour

Both sides took advantage of the valley's grassy
plain to advance in unbroken lines.By now the
village residents had seen the the tide of death
bearing down on them & had fled to barricade
their homes as no other avenue of escape was

Patel advanced a force of swordsmen into Azir,
easily breaking down the village gates.A company
of archers was sent to guard swordsmen left flank.
The archers unleashed a volley on the advancing
Turan spears but it was ineffective at the extreme range.

Lt.Bajara command of 2 sword companies & another
archer company moved toward Wussa the 2nd
objective but were unable to reach it. Turan Horse
Archer's had galloped into Wussa & plugged up
the approach to the village on his right flank.
The Horse Archers exchanged fire with Bajara's
archers with no effect to either side.

The Second Hour

Sub Commander Khmel seeing the Vendhya forces
seizing Azir & moving on Wussa ordered his Dog
Soldiers forward to stop their advance.

The 3rd Spear Company on his Right Flank attacks the
Vendhya archers only to be thrown back.The 2nd
Spear Company attacks an enemy Sword Company
occupying Azir & in the confined streets is crushed.

Khmel throws his Cavalry into the Sword Company
& drives it back.The Turan Left Flank attack by the 1st
Spear Company is however driven off by the Vendhya
Swords.The 1st Horse Archers do drive back an enemy
archer Company.

Captain Patel sees his forces successful in holding Azir
& controlling his Right Flank but his center has been
pushed back & on his Right the push on Wussa has
been stopped.He orders his troops to strike back,
if he can keep the Turan's off balance he can complete
the Plunder of Azir & concentrate on trying to take

Patel & his Cavalry charge into the Turan Cavalry
hoping to perhaps kill the enemy commander.
The Turans give ground but survive.The 2nd Sword
Company advances upon the Spear Company it had
repulsed & forced it back again.The 1st Archer
Company exchanges volleys with a Turan Horse
Archers & drives them off.On the Left of the Vendhya
Line the 2nd Archer Company fires on the Spear
Company to its front but the Spearmen fend off the
arrows with their shields.The 3rd Sword goes about
sacking Azir.

The Vendhyan increase the pressure,Patel & his
Cavalry again attack the enemy Commander
Cavalry but this time its the Vendhyans who
are driven back.Lt Bajara's 1st Sword Company
storm Wussa but the Turan Horse Archers
manage to drive them off.

Khmel even in the heat of battle can see the smoke
coming off Azir,the Village is gone,Still if he can
keep Wuzza it might be enough to keep
his command.He orders the 1st Spear Company to
attack & stop the enemy Sword Company which
has reached the outskirts of the Wussa.The 1st
Spear in desperate fighting pushes the Vendhya
Company back.The 2nd Horse Archer Troop swings
out from behind Wussa & joins the 1st Archer
Troop in exchanging volleys with the enemy archers.
The Vendhya archers however use their greater fire
power to take out the 1st Horse Troop in Wussa.

The Third hour

Lt.Bajars quickly takes advantage of the decimation
of the Turan Horse Archers & moved his Sword
Company into Wuzza.The 3rd Sword Company
on his left moved up and attacked & drove back
a Turan Spear Company to allow Bajara's men time
to plunder Wussa.The 1st Archers volleyed into the
the Turan Spear Company on the left Flank.

Sub Commander Khmel could see things were
desperate,Wussa was now occupied by the
Vendhyans & his own forces were cut up & being
driven back.Without hesitation he drove his
Cavalry into the center Sword Company
forcing the Sword men back.The 1st Spear
Company stormed into Wussa & driving the
enemy out.Continuing on The Turan Cavalry
weals & attacks the other Vendhya Sword
Company covering Wussa on the Right,the
attack goes badly & the cavalry flees taking
Khmel with them.The 1st Spear comes out of
Wussa & attacks Bajara depleted Sword men
forcing them to give ground again.

Captain Patel saw the sun climbing higher &
realized that time was running out.He needed
to complete his mission or end it half accomplished.
The country side would soon be up in arms &
he needed to get his men back to the safety of
the Mountain passes.

It was now or never He signaled Lt.Bajara to retake
Wussa & charged his Cavalry into the Spear Company
before him.Bajars Company is too cut up
so he sends the 3rd Sword Company on his right.
The Turans are out maneuvered as they had moved
out of the village to force the Vendhya Sword
Company away.

Patel's Cavalry charges the 1st Spear unit but is
driven off.The 2nd Archer Company on the Left
unleashes another deadly Volley once again
driving the Turan Spear men on the Left Flank.

Captain Patel sees things slipping away he holds
Wussa with a depleted force & Turan Companies
are prepared to renew the fighting in the village.
He choses not to roll the dice of chance,he has a
partial victory & a chance to get his men back to
safety..he signals retreat.

Sub Commander Khmel watches the enemy forces
pull back…it's over.His own troops are to cut up
to pursue & at least he saved one village.

Result:Minor Victory Vendhya.

Dan 05512 May 2016 3:44 p.m. PST

A great battle report, thanks.

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