Hoka Hey!

Brief Description A points system allows players to select and equip their forces, including buying skill levels (raw, normal, or veteran). A terrain chart can be used to randomly determine tabletop terrain. Victory points are awarded for such achievements as taking objectives (more important to the cavalry) or "counting coup" (Indians only). Playable rules cover both ranged and melee combat, artillery, and morale. Play continues until a "sudden death" dieroll determines the end is near.
Period The Indians of the Plains (1850-1890)
Scale Unstated
Basing Individual - 12mm x 12mm (foot), 12mm x 24mm (mounted). These sizes are for 15mm scale; double for 25mm scale.
Contents 10-page rules booklet (single-sided pages). Last page doubles as reference card.
Designer Martin Goddard
Publisher First edition published 1988 by Peter Pig, as part of the Rules For the Common Man (RFCM) series

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