The Whites of Their Eyes

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Brief Description

This supplement is the third volume in the publisher's North American series (earlier volumes were Rockets Red Glare and Habitants & Highlanders). This volume is not a stand-alone product, but requires the rules from Habitants & Highlanders.

The book contains 8 pages of background and history, a 6-page guide to uniforms and flags, an optional command control system (1 page), campaign rules for use with Avalon Hill's 1776 and We the People boardgames (2 pages), plus the scenarios:

Meeting Engagements
Monmouth (3 pages)
Flanking Marches
Long Island (3 pages), Brandywine (4 pages)
Set-Piece Battles
Bunker Hill (3 pages), Saratoga (4 pages), Cowpens (2 pages), Guilford's Courthouse (3 pages)
Surprise Dawn Attacks
Trenton (3 pages), Germantown (3 pages)
Night Fighting
Quebec (6 pages) [boardgame]
Yorktown (4 pages)
Solo Game
Lexington and Concord (4 pages)

Also included is Washington and Howe, an 8-page campaign game covering the northern and central states during the Revolution. This is played as a boardgame, but generates scenarios to be played with miniatures.

campaign map  campaign game counters
Period American Revolution
  • 68-page booklet
  • 8 1/2" x 11" double-sided color mapsheet
    Quebec side of mapsheet
  • two full-size counter sheets/reference sheets (must be cut apart)
    Quebec counters
Designer Bruce McFarlane
Publisher First edition published 1997 by Canadian Wargamers Group

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