Habitants & Highlanders

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Brief Description This booklet combines the functions of reference work, rulebook, and scenario booklet. The rules can be played in either Battle or Skirmish scales. Command and control rules determine how many and which units can perform actions each turn. Low complexity.
Period French & Indian War (Seven Years War in North America)
Supplement covers American Revolution
SCALE Battle Scale Skirmish Scale
One figure 50 men 1-5 men
One game turn 20 minutes "minutes"
One inch using 15mm figures 100 yards 5 yards
using 25mm figures 50 yards
BASING Battle Scale Skirmish Scale
# of figures size of base
Infantry 3 1 1/4" x 1/2" mounted individually
Cavalry 3 1 1/2" x 1"
Artillery 1 gun
2 gunners
as needed
Leaders 1 (brigadier)
2 (C-in-C)
1" x 1"
Contents 72-page booklet
Designer Bruce McFarlane
Publisher First edition published 1993 by Canadian Wargamers Group.

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Includes table of contents, and excerpts from the Introduction and third chapter (Tactics).

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