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You might want to visit the Hive Constructors website, which has tips on making your own scenery and buildings.


Recall, if you will, the most aesthetically impressive wargame you've ever seen. What made it so memorable? Sure, the pieces were probably exquisitely painted and presented, but it was the scenery that made the display great, wasn't it?

Scenery and terrain are vital elements of a table-top wargame, and the art of crafting them can be just as fun, relaxing, and rewarding as the work done on the miniatures. When you take the time to ensure that both aspects of the game -- the terrain and the miniatures -- look their best, the whole game will benefit.

This section of THE is intended to be a resource for the craft of scenery/terrain modelling for wargamers. It is not specific to any game, scale, or genre. Submissions on all aspects of area are welcomed and encouraged from the wargaming community.

The articles which follow are neither genre- nor game-specific. Each article contains a header which notes the scale and time period of the item. The material within each area is usually arranged in order of date received, not by content.

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