Mail-Order Shops

Mail-order shops recommended by readers of this magazine include:

Battle Hobbies

Phone: (612) 459-5946

Carries plastic models and supplies.

Allan Wright (AEW@unh.edu)

Free catalog, Lowest prices (especially Eduard kits). Only supplier of Acadamy/Minicraft WWI kits I know of. They are always the first place I call.

Boulder Games

4254 Holley Road
Lizella, GA

Phone: (912) 935-8777 [questions line]
(800) 299-6565 [order line]
Most games 25% off. Games can be returned in 30 days for refund. Caters primarily to board wargamers -- carries historical miniatures rulebooks, but no figures.

Walt O'Hara (ohara_walter@po.gis.prc.com, waoh@netcom.com)

No, I don't work for Boulder Games, so this isn't a "commercial." Boulder Games has been my first source of wargames for a long time now. the owner, Jim Sandefeur, sells virtually every board wargame in print (including rareties from Europe and Japan) for dirt cheap -- usually 25% off the cover price. He ships promptly and usually gets it to you within 2-3 days of your order.

The catalog is priceless, loaded with gossipy commentary about individual titles, and he will tell you when something sucks. Not that he won't take your money if you really have to have it...

The catalog is available by calling 1-800-299-6565. Tell 'em Walt sent ya.

The Crazy Mage

(formerly The Travelling Mage)

Pete Mancini (Peter_Mancini@onesource.com)

I'd like to recommend The Travelling Mage. I've used them for a year and a half, and even visited their store while I was on vacation in Florida. Though the turn-around time can be slow, the prices are fantastic and the service is very personal.

They carry Historical and Fantasy miniature products. The historical stuff is 15-20% off, and the fantasy stuff (including Games Workshop) is discounted up to 35%! They carry Old Glory, Minifigs, GHQ, GW and lots of other stuff.

Discount Hobby Center

P.O. Box 370
Utica, NY

Phone: (315) 733-3741
Fax: (315) 733-1723
Products seem to be at about 33% off normal retail. Does not carry wargaming miniatures, but does carry plastic models, modeling supplies, and books by Squadron and Concord.

Musket Miniatures

Ian Haidon (ianh@aa.gov.au)

Like many wargamers, my friends and I have had bad experiences ordering by mail (which we have to do, living in Australia).

However we have recently been buying figures from an American company that gives excellent service. The company who has this excellent service is Musket Miniatures of Denver, Colorado. On the basis of the quality of the service we have had we would recommend to others interested in 20-22mm ACW to buy from this company.

Regal Miniatures

609 W. Euclid Ave.
Des Moines, IA  50313

Phone: 515-984-6470
Fax:   515-984-6682
Kelly A.

I have used Regal Miniatures several times and have not had an item back-ordered or cancelled. Good Guys. They were at Cold Wars.

Rosemont Hobbies

Phone: (610) 398-0210

Plastic model supplies.

Allan Wright (AEW@unh.edu)

Rosemont is run by an avid WWI buff. They produce many of their own conversion kits, planes and extra parts. (Ex: rockets, replacement fuselages for different plane varriants from existing kits, etc.) I have been happy with their custom parts (Roseparts) and service. Free catalog. They also carry Miekraft, Eduard Beechnut and Pegasus models.

Stone Castle Imports

804 N. Third Street
P.O. Box 141
Bardstown, Ky

Phone: (502) 897-0207
Pete Michels (petem@CellNet.com)

I got tired of the max profit orientation of The Toy Soldier Company. No service, won't return calls, won't answer phone, etc., mentality and pursued an ad from some glossy mag (Military History, I believe) and have been getting most of my 54mm (and 1/72 also) plastics from these guys.

They take credit cards. They send a newsletter/catalog every month or so.

P.S. Normal Disclaimer: No affiliation to the company, I just dig doing mail order with nice people who are helpful.

Wargames Express

210 Vine Street
Munhall PA

Phone: (412) 461-4601 [evenings best]
Willing to do whatever it takes to find a way to get what you want, no matter how many distributors he needs to contact. Does not take credit cards. Can get almost anything.

Wargames West

P.O. Box 9496
Albuquerque, New Mexico
87119-9496, UNITED STATES

Phone: (800) SAY-GAME [orders]
(505) 242-1661 [overseas orders]
Fax: (800) 733-GAME [FAX]
(505) 242-1047 [overseas FAX]
Carries many miniatures rulebooks, limited assortment of figures. Has occasional sales.

Wargames West now has an online catalog, telnet to "wargames.einet.com" and log in as "wgw". The hours are 7:00PM MST - 5:00AM MST. The catalog is interactive and allows you to submit orders.

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