The Hobby

The World of Miniatures A discussion of what miniatures are and what they are made of.
All About Scales The variety of scales used for military miniatures.
Glossary Definitions of terms used in miniature wargaming.
Manufacturers List A listing of miniatures manufacturers, providing their address, phone, email address, and a summary of their product line.
Mail-Order Shops Shops recommended by readers of this magazine.
Supplies A guide to sources for common miniatures materials.
Painting Services Want someone else to paint your army? Here's some information...
Buyers Guide Your options, when it comes to buying miniatures.
Customer Service Ratings How the major game companies rate, in terms of satisfying customer complaints.
Sculptors Wanted These companies are looking for sculptors.
Production Costs An insider's view by Chris Scruton.
Getting Started in Wargaming Introductory article from The Guardroom

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