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Mako1104 Mar 2017 1:37 a.m. PST

I kid you not.

It is Oscar Mayer, so one of the better brands, but it's in a regular grocery store, and not one of those, high-end, yuppie/millennial marts, where they really gouge you.

$11.99 USD a pound for ALL their types, e.g. regular, thick cut, and center cut.

Safeway's pricing policies are nuts.

I hope the hog farmers are getting a decent deal, but somehow doubt it, and suspect the middlemen, and/or grocers are making the killing.

They did supposedly have a 22 oz. package from the same company for sale, Friday only, for $5.00 USD a pound, but of course, there was none available, so had to get a rain check for that.

Seems bacon is the new "gold", these days, kind of like butter here too, which is about $7.00 USD a pound for the good stuff Land of Lakes. $6.00 USD at Walmart, and dropping to about $5.00 USD a pound, if you buy a two-pound pack.

I'm guessing there will eventually be steep markdowns soon, or they'll be throwing it away, since the expiration dates have passed.

In the interim, probably trying to prey on the old people who can't see the prices, or those not paying attention to them, and/or those that don't have to worry about "little things" like exorbitant prices for basic staples.

That's about as nuts as run of the mill fish going for $18 USD $20 USD a pound, too.

I need a raise!

goragrad04 Mar 2017 3:28 a.m. PST

Have to say that I find 'Big Buy' at 2.79 to be just fine. Not necessarily consistent on slice count/thickness, but the flavor is just fine. Price is up 0.10 last week. Hope it is not a trend.

Wally had some for 2.50 a few months ago, but haven't been there since.

When I can its Sam's for a four pack on butter (10.50 or so). Locally the store brand (Western Family) is on sale this week – 2 for 7.00. A lot of baking so that is the choice.

Land O Lakes was about 7.00 here. Out of my league.

The G Dog Fezian04 Mar 2017 7:58 a.m. PST

Odd. USDA prices suggest that bacon prices should be lower.


You got some super special California tax on tasty foods?

Saginaw04 Mar 2017 8:22 a.m. PST

Turkey bacon for me. Average about $3.00 USD to $4.00 USD a pack at the most. And around 50-60% less fat, which means I can enjoy the flavor of bacon for the foreseeable future.

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Andrew Preziosi04 Mar 2017 8:43 a.m. PST

Turkey Bacon is hit or miss, EXCEPT for:

Cracker Barrel Restaurant's TB. It actually fries and browns up a bit, though it never really "crisps", the flavor is spectactular and I beg them to sell it in stores!

So far, no luck!

Saginaw04 Mar 2017 4:05 p.m. PST

Cracker Barrel Restaurant's TB. It actually fries and browns up a bit, though it never really "crisps", the flavor is spectactular and I beg them to sell it in stores!

Thank you for the tip, Andrew! There's a Cracker Barrel not too far away from me, so I'll be paying them a visit very soon.

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Old Wolfman06 Mar 2017 6:42 a.m. PST

I usually get the microwaveable variety,like Hormel or the store brand(Kroger,etc.)

piper90908 Mar 2017 8:43 p.m. PST

$12 USD a pound? That sounds like Alaska or Hawaii prices! Man, there should be angry mobs in the streets with Liberty caps and pitchforks if this goes on.

I think I've seen O-M bacon as high as $8 USD/pound in Austin, at Randall's (ex-Safeway) and that's too steep for me as it is.

jah195611 Mar 2017 5:30 a.m. PST

Cheap but good bacon around 2.50 dollars a pound
Really cheap 1.20 a pound only good for boiling
Turkey bacon around 15.00 dollars a pound
now please explain how potatoes cost 60 US cents a pound with the mud/dirt still on them but frozen oiled French Fries or do still call them Freedom fries cost 50 US cents a pound Well this is Ireland.

Mako1116 Mar 2017 10:04 p.m. PST

"You got some super special California tax on tasty foods?".

"That sounds like Alaska or Hawaii prices! Man, there should be angry mobs in the streets with Liberty caps and pitchforks if this goes on".

Nope, just loony CA pricing, where we pay more for everything, and this isn't in some big city, but more the suburbs in the Central Valley.

Someone's gotta pay through the nose to support ………..[censored to prevent DHing].

$7.99 USD this week for Land O' Lakes Butter, and the cheapest butter at Safeway is about $5 USD $6 USD a pound for the generic stuff.

Last time I saw Halibut (at Raley's I think, which is more expensive than Safeway), it was about $20 USD a pound. Didn't realize that it's almost as expensive as lobster, and/or more so, depending upon when and where you buy it. Can't buy anything in that store, since it's 33% 50% or more higher than Safeway and others, unless it's on sale that week. Don't know how they stay in business.

Cheapest bacon here seems to run about $4 USD or more a pound, and that's at places like Walmart for inferior brand bacon which doesn't taste like much at all.

Can't afford fries anymore at the fast-food joints, since they want $3 USD or more for a large order, which is crazy.

I can get 10 pounds of potatoes for about that, and now fry my own. Sure, I gotta buy oil, but can reuse it a lot.

Yea, the price of 100 pounds of pork seemed pretty stable, last time I saw it, but that was a while ago. Chops, pork loin, and shoulder are still pretty reasonable.

Ribs can be stupid prices too, depending upon the type, week, and store selling them.

Various cuts of beef are pretty much out of sight too, at $8 USD – $12 USD a pound, or more, depending upon the cut. Can be as high as $20 USD for filet mignon at Safeway – probably more at Raley's, and upscale markets, and/or the butcher.

At least hamburger has dropped a bit per pound, and by 50% in some stores. Can be as high as $5 USD a pound for 80% beef, but some stores have sales for $2.75 USD – $3 USD a pound, fairly regularly. Safeway usually averages about $4 USD a pound for their burger meat, and Raley's runs a buck or two more a pound for that, depending upon the week.

The local Foster Farms (supposedly not frozen – but I think that's a marketing technicality) chickens vary a lot, from time to time. Frequently, they're not even available in some cuts like center breasts with rib meat anymore, since they've raised their prices so high, I suspect. Only available on special sales.

They've gone to packing their breasts individually, and/or in freezer bags, to boost prices, so you can frequently only get generic brand chicken, which has been frozen, and doesn't have much taste to it.

Some chicken prices rival that of the lower cost steak, at $5 USD – $6 USD a pound, and that isn't the more expensive "free range" stuff. Even more expensive at other stores, so you have to shop sales, and/or buy ahead of time.

Grocery store pricing is nuts, at least in Cali!

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