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Great War Ace01 Jan 2016 6:31 a.m. PST


"El Niño . . . is one factor, human-caused climate change and global warming is another. You put the two together, and you get dramatic increases in certain types of extreme weather events."

"It's really hard to scientifically say that's what's going on."

How about shutting up then? Making Nooz stories out of weather extremes, in order to push fear buttons and pursue an agenda thereby, is not science, is it?

Mithmee Supporting Member of TMP01 Jan 2016 8:16 a.m. PST

No it not but it does help in pushing the Global Warming/Climate Change Agenda.

Personal logo Doms Decals Sponsoring Member of TMP01 Jan 2016 8:24 a.m. PST

Thank God the valiant crusaders of the fossil fuels lobby don't have an agenda….

Martin from Canada01 Jan 2016 9:11 a.m. PST

How about keeping the context in the quotes you just mined:

Whether the latest events can be linked to climate change will remain a question mark until research can be done, said Jeff Masters, the founding meteorologist of the weather website Weather Underground.

"We have trouble making that connection in real time, because we have trouble teasing out the natural variability from the ­human-caused forcing," Masters said Wednesday. "It's really hard to scientifically say that's what's going on."

Yet after decades of studying and analyzing global weather extremes, Masters thinks the shift is obvious. "This isn't the climate I grew up with," he said. "We didn't see this kind of weather in the 20th century. It's just a continuation of the crazy weather we've seen over the course of the 21st century so far."

Say there's a game of Newbery Fast Play between my "proto-commy" French and John the OFM's "Tyrannical Servants of the Old Order" Austrians and I spike one of John's dice so that it will never roll 1s. If he rolls a '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', there's no way to ascertain whether those results are a natural by product of random chance, or of me sabotaging/helping my chances since dice rolling is a stochastic process. (I really have no idea if 1 or 6 are good at Newbery).

Terrement01 Jan 2016 9:13 a.m. PST

And the point is….it doesn't matter.

Winston Smith01 Jan 2016 9:16 a.m. PST

Never played Newbury.
I bought s copy, tried to read it, and flung it aghast against the wall.

Martin from Canada01 Jan 2016 9:17 a.m. PST


And it's looking like JJ has moved into stages 4 of climate change denial.

Martin from Canada01 Jan 2016 9:18 a.m. PST

John, rather it be DBA?

I think I can decipher Barker Swahili with some proficiency ;-)

Winston Smith01 Jan 2016 9:33 a.m. PST

Only one thing can save us now.
Nuclear War followed by Nuclear Winter.
If only we can figure a way to balance these things, but that's why we have Experts.

Great War Ace01 Jan 2016 10:43 a.m. PST

I can say that too: "This is exactly like the climate I grew up with." See what I did there? Anecdotal evidence is nothing more than that. And a scientist appealing to it from personal experience shoots his veracity in the head.

And this is exactly like the climate I grew up with. Extremes, followed by normalcy. "Normal weather" is usual weather. When abnormal, that is to say, changed to become the new normal, predominates for a generation or more, then we can say that the world's climate pattern has altered from what it once was. It's happened already countless times.

99% plus of the world's species are extinct. Why? Because of changing climate. That is NORMAL. It doesn't require human "intervention". If we do end up causing a climate change, so what? If we don't, Ma Nature, domestically or galactic, will throw yet another "Great Death" event at us which alters our climate. The whole "people do it" issue is just so much hot air.

If "they" stopped spouting off like this article does, the climate would cool off rapidly. Unless too much hot air has already been expelled and we have passed "the tipping point"….

goragrad01 Jan 2016 12:11 p.m. PST

Obviously the Weather Underground fellow wasn't around during the first half of the 20th Century.

But the headline is what gets attention and stays in memories.

altfritz01 Jan 2016 4:55 p.m. PST

I suspect humans have done a pretty good job with making species extinct in our relatively short time here.

Terrement01 Jan 2016 5:00 p.m. PST

I't once again not me who starts naming names in accusation, is it?

Martin, I'm not denying anything. Saying the ignored science is pointless does not equate to "we can't solve it." What's more, I'm the guy who you and other warm it's have taken issue with because I've commented here, again repeatedly, that rather than such meaningless crap as the Holocene, the research money would be better spent on research on a number of areas identified specifically to actually deal with the problem.

You logic flaw is glaring, and ignorant of everything I've posted. But then, that is a repeated pattern among you, Charles/coastal and others here. Need the links?

I' simply pointing out YET AGAIN to those like you who do not pay attention to what I've REPEATEDLY POSTED that all the scientific claims, studies, reports, and research are meaningless if they are ignored – as proven by the Paris agreement where world leaders agreed to agree to a course of action that, if actually followed, and with no consequences or accountability if not, will not even come close to the numbers the scientists say are needed.

James Hansen has even commented on what a farce it is.


And all of the scientists whose studies went into the IPCC?

As long as they get their funding for meaningless research, the scientific community is apparently very happy to predict the end of the world but find no voice to excoriate the politicians for their unwillingness to take needed and meaningful action.

If anyone is in a state of denial, it would seem to be the "the world will end, but it isn't our job to speak out" crowd.

But me? No denial there.

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