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Gunfreak Supporting Member of TMP27 Nov 2012 10:34 a.m. PST

So this is kinda a funn game, it's free2play, so you don't have to buy it or pay to play it.

It's basicly a mix of Battlefield games and MMOs

Each server got 3 huge continetns to fight over, with 3 diffrent teams, unlike BF games, were you have a small map and some points to take over, here you have a billion milliom points to take over, with firefights going on over huge areas . After taking over on area you move on to the next. lots of diffrent types of places to take over.

The gameplay is standard, you got diffrent classes, snipers, scouts, medics ect. you got tanks and aircrafts, ofcoruse this is a sci fi game, so you got hover tanks ect. You also got thiese semi mech unit, were you got this heavy suit, that give lots of firepower and is hard to take down.

Scouts got jetpacks, that let them fly a short distance, or to dampen high falls. you get XP that you use to unlock weapons, and weapons exessories, gears and upgrade the armor and shields. Or you can spend real money getting them faster, here is also some sort of payed membership thing you can get.

The gameplay is very much like old school sci fi movies like Aliens, or starship troopers, not alot of tactics, more like people standing and shooting at eachother like idiots, the firefights are very much like starship troopers, so not very realistic, but very intense, the only way to like take rooms with enemies in them, is to stack up 20-30 players and charge in fiering, 80% casualty rate, but you take the room, again life is cheap in the future.

Gunfreak Supporting Member of TMP28 Nov 2012 7:33 a.m. PST

Had an epic fight yesterday.

We had spent an hour taking over an research station, we finnaly got it, and started to repear it, fixing the shields, and cannons, we were doing this, and suddnely everything got quiet, it had gone dark during the fight and now it was night, suddenly somenone said they had seen massive amount of troops transports. We all flocked to that area. Then we see it. 10 troop transpors landing behind some hills just out side the station, each transport can have 20 soldiers. Suddenly we also got attacked by aircrafts, and all the defences started to open fire, filling the night sky with colors. THEN some 200 troopers charge over the open plane between the hills and the station, it was epic!!! I actualy just stood there watching the spectical. More enemies landed, and soon we had probebly 300 of us against some 500 of them.

blackscribe Inactive Member03 Dec 2012 3:09 p.m. PST

Thanks for the heads-up. I tried it over the weekend. Short version: more accessible than the original, but not as good. I saw more crazy friendly-fire incidents in three hours on Friday than I did in months of playing the original. I believe the causes to be: A) it's free and B) user-customizable skins.

"More accessible": New folks can try-out anything, cert points are used to upgrade equipment so one person's REXO is no longer the same suit as someone else's. OTOH, when you pick "Heavy Infantry," you get REXO, a rifle, a pistol, a grenade, and a dumbfire anti-vehicle weapon. Gone are the days of using your mad Tetris skillz to figure out how to fit a glue gun, a rifle, and some field deployables all into the same inventory box.

The new bases are very cool-looking, but have way too many openings to keep locked-down. Also, the MarioKart jumpy things don't help matters.

Stealth suit + sniper rifle: what were they thinking?

On to the good:

They combined the old van troop-transport and the mobile spawn point truck into one vehicle. Fantastic!

Galaxies now have a respawn point on them as well. I still didn't see many of them in-game. Probably due to the reduced need for Gal-drops on the new buildings.

EJNashIII22 Jan 2015 5:50 p.m. PST

You guys still playing? My son got me into this game. Darn good fun. If you are around, look for me. NC, Snash914, Hyun's Dragons team. I'm generally an engineer and drive a sky guard.

IronMike27 Apr 2015 3:51 p.m. PST

It tried the original and got massively turned off after about the 80th time I got destroyed without firing a shot by someone 40 levels higher than me. It hard to level up when you're spending most of your time watching your death animation…

EJNashIII05 Jun 2015 10:43 p.m. PST

The new game is more balanced. I'm level 41 and take my hits from low level players quite often. Likewise, I have no trouble taking out level 80s.

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