The Reiter

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Brief Description The U.S. Pike and Shot Federation's newsletter, covering WRG, DBM, Tactica, Armati and other miniatures rules of this period.
Size 20-page newsletter
Frequency 4 times per year
Subscriptions Subscription (membership) is US$15, and includes four newsletters and four "update letters."
Editor Michael Hazen (
Publisher U.S. Pike and Shot Federation

For membership information, contact:
Clif Castle
1146 Harvard Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA

Last Updated4 December 1998

I have to say that, ever since the U.S. Pike and Shot Federation was kind enough to add me to their subscription list, The Reiter has been one of my favorite miniatures publications.

I think it's because this newsletter is first and foremost about getting people out there to play more games.

magazine scenario

Sure, they cover what's new in rules (and sometimes bicker about which rules are best for competition play). Yes, the editor publishes historical and semi-historical scenarios, and there are frequent battle reports. But what most strikes me is the feeling that this club is a group of friends (many of whom have not yet met face-to-face), and that their favorite times are when they can get together and push some lead on a tabletop.

A lot of magazines don't get that "let's go play games with our friends" spirit. This one does.

the Reiter standings

Every issue includes the Reiter Standings, showing the competition stats for every member in the club. Only games against club members count. Each player has a point rating (based on past play), and scoring a tie or victory against that player earns points based on his rating. At the end of each year, the players' scores determine their rankings for the coming year (and the ultimate high scorer earns the Reiter Championship).

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