The Gauntlet

Brief Description No-frills wargamers' newsletter
Focus All miniature gaming
Size 40-page magazine
Frequency Quarterly
Subscriptions Annual subscription of four issues costs £9.00/US$18, including postage. Cheques made payable to M. Hannam.
Publisher/Editor Mark Hannam


The Publisher writes:

What is The Gauntlet?

The Gauntlet is quite simply my journal for wargamers. No frills, nothing flash, just 60-ish pages of hands-on wargaming. I don't try to appeal to everyone, but I do try to ensure that everyone gets inspiration and value from it's pages. Gauntlet has been described by its readers as the Wargamers' Newsletter of the '90's; the British answer to MWAN. An eclectic, often irreverant window on our hobby, which refuses to take itself too seriously.

In addition to the wargame ideas, reviews, scenarios and the rest, the first nine issues have generated over 30 sets of rules - encompassing everything from simple tabletop mechanisms to historical grand battle systems, including:

  • Western Gunfight
  • 2mm Ancients
  • D-Day Beach Landing
  • Individual Duelling & Sword Fighting
  • Boudiccan Revolt Campaign
  • Gulf War Platoon Level
  • Medieval Big Battle
  • World War One Trench Raid
  • 'Braveheart' Campaign
  • American Civil War Naval
  • Franco-Prussian
  • Vietnam Street Fighting
  • Gulf War Armour
  • Indian Mutiny
  • Napoleonic In-Shore Naval
  • ECW / Montrose Big Battle
  • Zulu Skirmish
  • 1930`s Gangster
  • Sci-Fi Street Fighting
  • Solo Enemy Disposition & Orders Determination
  • French-Indian Wars Woodland Fighting
  • Dad's Army
  • US / Indian War Small Encounters

With many, many more rules and ideas to come in the next four issues!

Issue No.10 included:

Gunboats on the Danube
The second episode in Mathew Sparkes' rip-roaring, whisker toting World War One role-play.
Storm the Barricades
Quirky mob rioting rule system.
This Sunne Of York
Cheap and dirty Wars of the Roses Rules
RASH : Roll A Six To Hit
Surprisingly simple and even more surprisingly effective late C20th skirmish rules.
The Bakonga Incident
Fictional mini-campaign set in a strife-torn African state. Get out those Peter Pig Modern Africans and have a blast!
Heroes for Helen
Individual heroic skirmish rules in the age of Hector and Achilles.
Modern ambush and tracking rules for guerrilla and special forces actions.
British vs Vichy French encounter on Madagascar 1942 for Rapid Fire.
Solo / multi-player command and control rules.
On Sacred Ground
It's dirks at the ready, in this knife fight between the claimants for the Scottish throne - Robert The Bruce and John (The Red) Comyn.

PLUS! AMBUSH AD350, Reviews, letters, gossip, hints, tips...

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